Essays on External Factors of Consumer Decision-Making Literature review

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The paper "  External Factors of Consumer Decision-Making" is a good example of a literature review on marketing. The first discussion had set to deliberate on the relationship between marketing and consumer decision making. A great deal of analysis was based on a new computer operating system, windows X as a product. The product was particularly targeted to a number of potential customers including; researchers, University lecturers, and businesspeople. The identified group of people is usually very busy due to day-to-day activities involving their career and profession. Windows X has been specially developed eliminating the demand for hardware and in a user-friendly manner.

It has various functions that help manage users’ needs like mobile phones, digital camera among others (Dignan, 2013). Having discussed the internal factors affecting decision making, it is informative to turn to the external factors to have a comprehensive understanding of consumer decision making. 2.0 Introduction Dean & Sharfman (1996), points out that, consumers constantly apply their decision-making skills before, during and after buying products or services. Generally, both the internal and external factors play a role in this process and its outcome.

After consumers have identified their needs, they proceed to collect information that ultimately helps them to evaluate the alternatives and finally make a purchase decision (Bonein, 2006). Wynstra, Axelsson, & Weele (2000) argue that the consumer purchasing decision is affected by factors that are outside their own control and have either direct or indirect impacts on how people live and consume. There are arrays of external influences including culture, groups, household culture and other members that a particular consumer interacts with. In determining what leads to these actions, this discussion critically combines the various theories in line with external factors to decision making.

The critical analysis will generally look at how the relevant factors shape the consumer decision and in particular to the chosen product windows X for a category of consumers including researchers, University lecturers, and businesspeople. The characteristic that promotes these customers purchase decision will be looked at through the factors like culture, social, economic, business and family standpoints. 2.0 Consumer purchase decision 2.1 Reference Groups As Rabjohn, Cheung & Lee (2008) observes, business owners and marketers are increasingly becoming aware of the external influences that are related to their market segments.

Today most customers encounter many products to select from the competition that exists through companies’ marketing strategies. In the communication process, messages play a major role in changing and influencing ideas. Persuasive messages for that case develop through different channels such as impersonal communication through mass media including; print, electronic media, broadcast and outdoor advertising which the identified set of customers interact with nearly on a daily basis.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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