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The paper "Extra Brand of Wrigley Company Limited" is a perfect example of a case study on marketing. Wrigley Company limited is a subsidiary of Mars Incorporated since 2008 and is the home of great brands. Mars Incorporated is a conglomerate with 5 business segments which include, Pet care, chocolate, Wrigley, food, drink, and symbioscience. Having been founded over 100 years ago, the company has continued to bring smiles to the faces of many people across the globe. Wrigley is the world leader in confectionery, gum, hard and chewy gums, candies and lollipops.

With her headquarters at Chicago Illinois, Wrigley has an associate working force of over 17,000 with a presence in over 40 countries while her products are being distributed in over 180 countries. This is a hallmark of a truly global brand. Mars Incorporated, on the other hand, has her headquarters in McLean Virginia and has slightly over 77,000 Associate employees. To this end Mars incorporated is among the top global employers in terms of workforce and even in a quality work environment. Wrigley is the producer of major world brands consisting of Extra® , Orbit® , Double mint® , and the 5TM Chewing Gums.

In their confectionery line, they boast of Orbits® such as Skittles® , Starbust® , Altoids® , and Life Savers® and together these brands indeed create simple pleasure to their consumers all around the world. Wrigley has steadily expanded having started operations from Canada, and the USA to capture a global leader in confectionery, chewing and other areas where their products exist. Wrigley prides itself on innovation and utilizing science and technology to improve on their services and products. At their innovation center, they are engaged in research and development that has allowed innovations to permeate through all the principles of their business.

This research is, however, going to concentrate on the Extra brand which is the number one contributor of revenue for the company (Haymarket, 2012). Extra’ s Threats in the UAE Market Wrigley was among the very early fast-moving consumer goods company worldwide to introduce the application of high-intensity sweeteners in their product. Due to the mounting pressures from health reports about the association between obesity and sugar content of the foods consumed, the food manufacturers had to find a way to maintaining their customers by offering alternative sources of sweetness rather than sucrose which is a high-calorie carbohydrate.

It is this search that led to the launch of sugar-free Extra brand. The innovation ensured that the products maintained the desirable flavor over a long duration of chewing. It is also in the footsteps of this innovation that Wrigley introduced two great product lines as brand extensions: the peppermint and Spearmint. Within five years after its launch into the market, the Extra brand evolved as the number 1 sugar-free gum in the US and across the globe.

The desire to capture the needs of her clients while attracting new ones whatever their market segment has been a key marketing strategy for Wrigley.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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