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The Power of Opera The interview with Dolora Zajick is very revealing concerning singing techniques used in opera as well as general attitudes and perception of opera by general audience. The interviewer herself has just discovered the power of opera; her point of view is important to deliver the message that opera which is considered to be dull and boring should not be perceived stereotypically. Opera singers are actors; their dramatic voices are used to render not only the power of voice but the plot of the opera, feelings, impressions and psychological world of their character.

Dolora Zajick’s aria from Aida looks as a scene from a movie. It is very engaging because of the power of her voice, her gestures, mimics, costume and props. I think it is a good example to convince people that they do not need to think about opera in negative light. It is not enough to have a big dramatic voice to become an opera singer. One needs to be an actor because opera is not as simple in its form and structure. Dolora Zajick’s activities are very motivating for young people.

She helps young talents to find their path into opera. Young dramatic and big voices are often mocked in high school choruses where all students are expected to be ordinary. People with big voices cannot reveal their voice in pop music or other common genres. Opera is not very popular with general audience; it is the reason why people often choose not to sing at all. Dolora Zajick gives them a great opportunity to realize their potential in opera singing and encourages young people to try opera.

She is a great person with good sense of humor and positive attitude towards all people. She tries to make opera closer to people and gives them more chances to understand the complexity of this art. Work CitedGloss, Terry and Dolora Zajick. “For Opera Powerhouse Dolora Zajick, Singing Is Connected To The Body”. March 19, 2014. Web. May 9, 2014. < http: //www. npr. org/blogs/deceptivecadence/2014/03/19/291410969/dolora-zajick-singing-is-connected-to-the-body >

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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