Essays on The Details Pertaining to the Retail Business in Brisbane Assignment

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The paper "The Details Pertaining to the Retail Business in Brisbane " is a great example of a Management Assignment. Purpose & Mission of the Business: The business works with the objective of providing freshly brewed coffee so that people consuming those feel new life and become refreshed. To accomplish the business objective the business has identified the mission of preparing freshly brewed coffee along with other consumables so that people spend their valuable time and are able to enjoy the different services which are being provided. Serving freshly prepared brewed coffee will serve the purpose of ensuring quality and matching the overall needs and requirements of consumers. Size of the business: It is a small scale business and has around 7 stores all around Brisbane and works on the same business model in all the stores Main Products and Services: The main product which the business focuses on is freshly brewed coffee for which coffee beans have been procured from different places.

In addition to it, the business looks to provide other consumables like muffins, pastries, and other fast food consumable items that go along with coffee.

The different locations based on the different needs and preference determines the different products which will be supplied and thereby help to determine the manner in which customer needs will be met. The analysis of consumer based on segmentation is as Geographical Segment: Gelato Bar & Coffee Shop looks to attract all types of customers as their products and services meet the need of all people. The service provider has also ensured that the product is not priced high which would enable all people to purchase the same.

Further, the different stores have been positioned at an important juncture which would thereby enable all sections of the society to purchase different products and services. Further, based on geographical location Gelato Bar & Coffee Shop aims to attract students, office goers and others looking to purchase coffee. This has thereby enabled them to ensure that they are able to segment the product and attract them in a better way. Psychographic Segment: Gelato Bar & Coffee Shop provides coffee and other products quickly so that time can be saved and people can consume the same quickly.

The preference of coffee among people is increasing and people are looking towards freshly brewed coffee beans for coffee. Gelato Bar & Coffee Shop matches those requirements and provides a product which is according to them. This has thereby helped Gelato Bar & Coffee Shop to meet the psychographic needs of people Behavioral Segment: The behavioral segment shows that the fascination towards coffee is continuously increasing. This creates an opportunity which Gelato Bar & Coffee Shop can look to bank on as people are looking towards freshly brewed coffee.

In addition to it, a different segment of the society like students, office goers and others prefer to spend time in coffee shop, talk over a meeting which has thereby brought the required behavioral change of people towards the product. The positive impact that coffee has on people and brought about the required change in the lifestyle of people has ensured that attracting a different segment of the people becomes better.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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