Essays on Facebook Shows Off New 'Home' for Android Essay

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Facebook Shows Off New Home for Android 2 On Thursday 4th march Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg unveiled Facebook’s new app for phones that use android operating system. This app is expected to revolutionize social media on phones and handheld gadgets. Facebook promises android users that the application will make social networking easy by converting ones android phone into a social phone. The application allows android phones to have a single app rather than the collection of applications that is common with almost all android phones. It creates a user friendly home screen that allows one to view notifications and messages irrespective of the fact that they night be using other applications on the phone meaning one cane comfortably network socially while using other features of their android phone.

The app allows users to view their favorite Facebook tools such as check-ins, photos among others which are incorporated as buttons at the top of their launcher. By creating this application for android phones, Facebook has pioneered in trying to provide an application which will be used by android users as the default applications.

This will change the common trend where users must download a collection of application in order for them to feel that they are effectively networking socially. The application is expected to generate a lot of revenue for the company as it is viewed as the best social application yet. However, in today’s world new applications are being developed hence the success of Facebook’s new application greatly depend on developments by its competition.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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