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Facilitate Continuous Improvement Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Problem Definition ment Template 3 Decision Matrix 5 Operational Plan 7 Project Outline 9 Action Plan 11 Meeting Minutes 11 Monitoring Plan 13 References 15 Problem Definition Statement Template What is the impact of the problem? Direct Lower level of productivity will reduce the revenue of the organization Lowering profitability due to reduced rate of sales Indirect High possibility of downsizing and lower level of employees moral towards work High level of absenteeism Who is being impacted and to what extent? Lower level of productivity will have significant negative impact towards the operations of the employees as well as organization.

Direct Organization will lose its competitive position in the market Revenue and cost mismatch Indirect Due to lack of productivity, the organization will lose the morale of the employees Increases the possibility of developing the stress level amid the employees What behavior needs to change? Correspondingly, with regard to the lower level of productivity, the organization needs to adopt most efficient mean of production in terms of cost and time. Who has that behavior? In order to increase the efficiency of the organization from lower level of productivity, the organization needs to adopt the change mechanism of production from tradition mean of production to newer.

Similarly, employees also need to adopt the changed behavior for increasing the level of production by acquiring technical knowhow of the modern technology of production. Summary statement: Based on the above assessment, it can be affirmed that lower level of productivity has negative influence on the performance of the organization. Additionally, the problems are identified to have direct as well as indirect impact over the organization as well as employees, as on the one hand, it will reduce the profitability and on the other hand, it will create high possibility of downsizing.

Nevertheless, in order to eradicate the problem related to lower level of productivity, the mechanism of adaptation of advance technology will be beneficial for the organization as well as employees needs to acquire superior degree of understanding of technology and accordingly, shift the tradition mode of operation. (Source: Forbes, 2013) Decision Matrix Continuous Improvement Projects Decision Matrix Ease of Potential Most requested Potential projects Cost Urgency by int. or ext. Obstacles Summary implementation impact customers 4 3 3 5 1 3 Training and Development Depends on the participation level of employees Possibility to increase the efficiency level of the employees $ 10,000 Needful to implement in 2 months Internal force High possibility of resistance Workforces need to be efficient in terms of their skills and necessary responsibility.

Thus, training and development is highly necessary to increases their capability as well as responsibility towards their respective task New Technology Difficult to implement, as it requires a change of the entire process Increase the production capacity $50,000 Within 6 months Internal as well as external pressure Need for advanced technical knowhow New technology is highly necessary to maintain the competence level of the organization and meet the changing needs of the customers Communication enhancement program Employees involvement may resist the change force Improve the internal skill of employees No Cost High requirement Internal force Lower level of participation Communication is essential to maintain the effectiveness while working in the group.

Thus, this project needs to have special importance over increasing the productivity (Source: Hemanand & et. al., 2012) Operational Plan Strategic Goals Operational goals Goal Focus KPI Reason/Barriers Department Deliverable Goal KPI Due Eradicate the functional issues that arises in the organization Increase the efficiency level of production through the introduction of superior technology Measure the output level of production Employees need to develop high level of technical knowhow Production Provide estimation of cost of allocation Increase production efficiency Measure the output of production In 1 months Finance Optimize fund for new technology Provide efficient funding Availability of fund In 6 months Increase the efficiency level of employees Measure the efficiency level of employees Consequences of having high level of resistance Finance Provide appropriate fund required for training and development Provide efficient funding arrangement Availability of fund Within 1 month Human resource Influence the behavior of employees and motivate them towards training and development Provide training and development Level of active participation in training and development program Within 2 months (Source: Hemanand & et.

al. , 2012) Project Outline Description of problem Problem of lack of training, improper communication and use of improper technology are the functional problems that are related to lower level of productivity. In this respect, lower level of productivity will led the organization to a position in which workforce will be unable to perform the task, which further raise operational inefficiency. Key people Project leader: Provide appropriate strategies to eradicate the issue Project members: Production manager and employees Project sponsor: Senior management provides effective support in terms of funds Other stakeholders: shareholders and end users Recommendation/ method In this regard, adaptation of superior technology of production and hiring expertise to provide the appropriate services will be beneficial for the accomplishment of organizational objectives Key results area Production capacity and efficiency level of employees Goal We will increase Productivity and efficiency of employees (KPI) By higher than $50,000 (amount) Within a year (date) Costs $50,000 for the introduction of new production mechanism along with the cost around $10,000 for providing training and development Benefits The aforesaid mechanism will likely to increase the production level of the organization and increase the efficiency level of the employees Sustainability In this regard, advanced technology and increased efficiency level of the employee will be highly sustainable in the context of the organization till the introduction of efficient means of technology in the market place Approved by Production manager and CEO of organization Outcome Increase the efficiency of employees and level of production (Source: Armstrong, 2006) Action Plan Project: Eradication of various function issues that arises in the organization Goal/objective: Increase the production level of the organization What? How? Who? When? Status Increase the production level Introduction of better-quality technology Production manager Within the period of six months Planning to implement Built strong communication Active communication secession and changing organizational culture Leaders, managers and employees As early as possible for effective result In progress Eradicate inefficiency of the employees Training and development Employees of the organization Within the period of two months In implementation phase (Source: Armstrong, 2006) Meeting Minutes Meeting purpose: Discuss the function issues Date: 18th Feb, 2015 Time: 12 PM Attendance: CEO, Shareholders, Senior Manager, Secretary and Employees Apologies: Stakeholders who are not invited in meeting Item/issue Action to be taken When Who Improper technology Introduction of advanced and superior technology Within the period of 6 months Production and finance department Lower employees efficiency Proper training and development, and learning Within the period of 2 months Human resource department Improper communication Improve organizational culture and listen to employees’ problem As early as possible Requires equal contribution of every member of the organization (Source: Stahl & et.

al. , 2012) Monitoring Plan Workplace monitored: Monitor the production and efficiency level of the employees Goal/objective: To measure the efficiency level of the changes that has been made in the efficiency level of production and employees to eradicate the functional issues that arises Process/outcome to be monitored Measure used Process Communication process Resources required Level of production Determine the gap between actual and predicted outcome Follow the sequence of production process and measure the outcome Communicate with the employees as well as production based on unity of direction Record the production level on a regular interval Employees efficiency Training and development, motivation and effective leadership Proper training and development secession and conduct meeting to boost morale Build healthy relationship through direct communication with employees Experienced trainer and virtual training location Improvement in communication Motivation and session for building strong communication Interact with the employees and derive the problem they are facing Develop direct communication to reduce the possibility of gap between employees and management Flexible the scale chain and unity of direction to form healthy communication (Source: Senyucel, 2009) References Armstrong, M., 2006.

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