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The paper "Facilitating Continuous Improvement" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. My organization of choice is the QT Sydney hotel that has continued to experience significant growth over the years and presently one of the best hotels in Australia. This has resulted in the hotel receiving international recognition as one of the world’ s best designer hotels. So as to achieve further growth. I feel that one of the best ways to improve growth even further is through improving efficiency and improving the sale. This will mainly require the support of the Human Resource Department and Accounting.

This will go a long way in enabling the hotel to perform better and have better financial performance. This is because the company has the potential of attaining better performance and a higher profitability rate. Question 1 There are 3 main ways in which we will be able to establish the various departments’ procedures in dealing with the continuous improvement system. This will involve 3 main steps Analysis, Eliminating the root cause and evaluation Analysis The analysis will mainly involve the beginning and endpoints. For example, an analysis of the sales process will mainly involve identifying the needs of the customer, convincing the customers, suggesting certain offers, and closing the sale.

It is important the department analyses the situation effectively so as to be able to tackle the issues appropriately. The continuous improvement process examines individual steps to determine the exact place where the problem exists. Eliminating the Main Cause Before eliminating the root cause, the team should identify the main causes of the inefficiencies and what causes the sales to be lower than the target. Failure to eliminate the root cause only causes the problem to surface in other areas.

Because of this, it is important that the root cause is identified and dealt with effectively so as do away with the issues. By the departments questioning why things occur, the department will be able to design a plan to tackle the problem.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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