Essays on Facility Management in Agro-Industrial Company Case Study

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The paper "Facility Management in Agro-Industrial Company" is a perfect example of a case study on management. The report is about facility management in Agro-industrial Company where the ways the company can improve facility management are discussed. Facility management that is effective significantly contributes to the success of an organization. Within a corporate level, facility management that is effective leads to the delivery of strategic objectives. The different outsourcing methods are explored with the aim of investigating the best outsourcing method that can be employed by Agro-industrial Company. The outsourcing methods are discussed where both advantages and disadvantages are provided to help in making the best choice for the company.

The recommendations that can help in improving the facility management in Agro-industrial Company are provided in the report. Introduction Facility management refers to the integration process that takes place in an organization that aims at maintaining as well as developing the agreed services. The principal purpose of facility management is to improve efficiency and also the effectiveness of the basic activities of an organization. The aspect of facility management comprises of the multi-disciplinary related activities which are found within the environment of an organization and usually affect the individuals found in that organization (Calde, Goodwin, and Reimann, 2002).

Besides, facility management that is effective creates a working environment that is safe. The report investigates facility management aspects of Agro-industrial Company with the aim of exploring the various aspects related to the management of facilities in organizations. Discussions The facility management in Agro-industrial Company is unique due to the nature of the products handled. The facility management of the outsourcing services does not only relieve headaches which are not necessary but also assists in the reduction of expenses (Buabeng, et al.

2007). Significantly, the secret of success in an organization is by focusing as well as ensuring good performance in the primary activities. Furthermore, in a situation of deciding which ways are best for staffing, the executive of the facility management is required to mainly focus on looking for the necessary skills rather than achieving cost savings for the short-term.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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