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The paper ' Property Management' is a great example of a Management Case Study. Facility management is an astute profession that deals with multiple disciplines in order to ensure that there is functionality through the integration of spaces, people, places, technology, processes, infrastructure, and organization. There are various competencies that are involved in facility management and they include communication, emergency preparedness together with business continuity, sustainability and the environmental stewardship, human factors, operations and maintenance, quality, project management, and the relevant technology. The profession represents about five percent of the global gross domestic product.

The main objective of the integration institutes the effectiveness of the primary activities with a look into improvement. In the scenario involving the Ministry of Defense (MoD) main building in Whitehall, London, the issues raised in the process affect the catering, security, and the general performance of the above. With the standards of operations at a low and in need of revamping, the consideration of outsourcing by the facility manager provides for an avenue of improvement on the overall basis. Outsourcing for security and catering services is ideal with the necessary risk assessment, legislation on the contracts, and effective performance management. DiscussionOutsourcingOutsourcing demands the availability of a specific service by an external company of which it could be available in an in-house arrangement.

Wanchoo (2010, p. 10) states that the two main services identified within the premise for office accommodation of several thousand civilian staff and military employees involved in strategic management of defense affairs in the UK and overseas are security and catering. Catering involves providing the hospitality services within the meeting rooms and to run the restaurant of the staff within the on-site dimension.

They also involve tending to the requirements of the patrons when the premise is in operation as regards the cleaning and routine checks (Minor 2007, p. 262). On the other hand, security within the facility is also important in terms of the prevention of breaches and unauthorized entry and transactions altogether. The two services determine the state of the facility despite the close monitoring of the budgets allocated.


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