Essays on Factors That Influence Online Customer Buyer Behaviour Research Proposal

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The paper “ Factors That Influence Online Customer Buyer Behaviour” is an affecting variant of research proposal on marketing. Online shopping is a process where consumers buy goods and services directly from the seller in real-time. It occurs in most instances in the absence of intermediary services over the Internet. It is basically a form of electronic commerce. An online shop enables consumers to purchase goods without having to travel in person to the shopping centers. The process is also known as Business-to-consumer that is (B2C) online shopping. The purchasing of goods between two business entities is referred to as Business-to-Business (B2B) online shopping.

In recent years, shopping has become popular and has increased its services to cater for the people in the upper class as well as those in the lower class (Pride et al 2009, 16). For one to use this service, they need to have a bank account, a debit card and a computer or access to one. This shows that shopping is because of technology. The online shopping’ s effects widened its target group to the people in the middle-class level as at first it was mainly used by young men with university education and high-income level.

This change can be seen worldwide especially in the USA whereby during the early years of the Internet there were exceedingly few women users but by the year 2001; the women were 52.8% of the population that was online. The consumers find the products that they are interested in by directly visiting a retailer’ s website or by doing a search across many vendors using software by the name shopping search engine.

This helps the consumer to accumulate as many goods as possible and chose from them (Canzer, 2006, 25). The next step is a check out process that follows in which the delivery and the payment information are usually collected if it is needed. The shoppers using the online method commonly use the credit card when making their payments but others just create accounts and are able to pay the goods and services using alternative ways like cash on delivery. Once the payments are done, the retailer transports the goods to the consumer and if they are downloadable, the consumer does so in his or her own computer (Tashakkori, 2003, 42). Consumer Buyer BehaviourAccording to the most recent research on the behaviors of consumers on the Internet, there are four groups, which are distinct from one another and with exceptionally different motivations and intentions.

Some of the different tastes that are displayed by the buyers are entertainment; the desire to get more information, desire for exploration and shopping purposes. The majority of adults who are young tend to be active seekers of information and the high level they acquire of technological confidence becomes an encouraging factor during the research of products online.

The consumers are nowadays able to get easily what they want and this has improved the living standards of the consumers (Kotler & Armstrong, 2008, 69). The Internet has also increased the consumers' bargaining powers as most of the search engines allow consumers to get in touch with many retailers who deal with a specific type of goods. This gives the consumers opportunities to decide on where to shop, as the retailers have no control over the consumers (Banerjee, 1992, 69).

The consumers also learn how to trust people. This happens because of the purchasing of goods from places that a consumer does not even know and yet trusts the people he or she has not seen. This behavior is developed by consumers due to online shopping (Tashakkoori, 2003, 27).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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