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The paper "Faculty of Business, Environment, and Society" is a wonderful example of an assignment on business. I have been always aspired to develop my career in industrial sales and management and develop my career as an effective manager in the long term. Developing skills in industrial sales has been attracting me since the initial days of my career. While doing a management degree, I have been developing my different abilities to develop my marketing skills. As I possess efficient communication skills, I have developed my abilities to perform.

I can easily march up with different people and communicate easily (Frydrychowicz, 2005; Krauss & Fussell, n.d. ). This has enhanced my abilities to perform different tasks and develop abilities to tackle people from various sectors of society. Being fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese, I can effectively communicate with a Chinese consumer and effectively deal in the local market. Since I have worked with one of the major industrial sectors in China I have an idea of the different industrial goods that are traded in the country. Analytical Record Advancing Career Development Neil Pyper is the lecturer of advanced career development during the 2014/15 curriculum.

The lecture has been focused on developing graduate jobs and developing employability skills. Furthermore, the lecture has been tactfully developing the different career pathways and enhancing the ability of the students to develop their careers. The lecture specifically emphasizes the development of individual students to cope up with the changing workplace and work environment. The lecture focuses on the development that is to be incorporated within an individual to develop their attributes to meet the changing needs of the work environment for building better competitiveness in the present competitive job market.

The lecture even effectively prepares the students to meet their career aspirations and develop different attributes for them to perform effectively. The lecture note on career development has enhanced my attributes to meet with the changing environment and develop effective skills to meet with dynamic needs of the work environment. This has enhanced my abilities to face with the different technical development that has been incorporated in the work environment. The idea of preparing web-based CVs and preparing a career plan as well as a timeline has enhanced my ability to monitor my career path and improve my job opportunities effectively.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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