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Task 1Brief review of security threatsComputer security threatsVirusesThese usually are programs infected by viruses. A virus is computer software that alters the way the computer function without permission of the user. Once the viruses are on the computer program files they replicate themselves thus affecting the whole system. In most cases they damage, delete files or cause abnormal system behavior. Macro VirusesThese are simple computer programs that can be created to automate recurring tasks in a document. They are malicious macro programs that are formed to replicate themselves from file to file and they can therefore cause damage to many files.

Trojan HorsesThese are programs that pretend to serve some useful purpose such as entertainment and as such inducing the user to run them. However, when they are run they serve a covert purpose, which may be to damage files. Trojan Horses by their nature are not viruses since they do not replicate. WormsThese are software programs that once on program files replicate and spread, often opening a back door to allow hackers to gain access to the computers. They usually spread through the internet.

ZombiesThese are inactive programs on the computer. The programs typically do not damage the computer on which they reside but can damage other computers that get contact with the infected computer. They also spread through the internet. Virus HoaxesThese are usually messages sent by email. They pretend to alert the user to the latest "undetectable and protection" virus and simply waste your time and Internet bandwidth. Computer protection A number of antivirus programs lack heuristics built-in. Programs which rely exclusively on their built-in virus definition files ca not protect themselves against various new & emerging threats which appear on daily basis.

Furthermore, for antivirus software that has connectivity problems or operability issues, and can not download updated antivirus definition files to maintain itself current, then its antivirus program is not working properly or is damaged and cannot protect the computer system against harmful threats. For those doing a lot of surfing on the internet they have to make sure that their antivirus program and other security protection software like firewall, antispyware among others are protecting the computer against threats originating from those websites.

For example, a malicious website owner or operator can put malicious code on their website so that when individual surf onto it, it can cause problems with the computer especially if the computer is operating unshielded version of the Windows operating system that does not have security updates installed. Normally, there are various viruses & worms which attack the Microsoft Address Book such as in MS Outlook, and after which they sends a malicious payload to each contact to the computer address directory. As result of this virus type in existence, and the ubiquity of the Microsoft platform, it has become necessary to have email and program security protection in place. Flaws in code can be used as vulnerabilities.

There have been recorded cases of persons being able to take over a computer remotely because to these security vulnerabilities.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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