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The paper “ How Reliable a Fad Diet Is? ” is an exceptional example of a research proposal on family and consumer science. Fad diets can be dangerous when they deprive the body of essential nutrients or rely excessively on potentially harmful foods. Research question The research question is: how reliable a fad diet is? People find it okay to follow a fad diet just because of its popularity and not knowing its scientific basis. Since fad diets are low in carbohydrates, calories and fat, they are popular in dieters, but the fact is that they deprive the body of essential nutrients which are required for its normal and healthy development.

Examples are cucumber diet, grapefruit diet, detox diet, and juice diet. Taking juice all day long is very harmful to intestines and results in their shrinkage. Also, people may lose weight with fad diets but most of them return to their initial weight once they get back to their normal diet. Thesis statement Since fad diets are deprived foods, are dangerous and unreliable, hence it is not good to rely on fad diets just because they are popular without any scientific basis.

Research plan This will be qualitative research. I plan to conduct personal structured interviews with some persons in neighborhood who have taken fad diets to lose their weights. I will also interview some dieticians and nutrition experts in order to get their expert advice on whether or not to consume fad diets. Part 2: The Research Outline Introduction Fad diets are those eating plans which dieters adopt in order to lose extra pounds. Since fad diets make the person take excessive amounts of one specific food, hence they lack the important nutrients a person needs for his healthy nourishment.

Hence, he may become weak by losing weight. Fad diets are not only very difficult to stick to; they are also very unreliable as the weight comes back on when the person shifts to the normal diet. Thus, it is better to stay away from fad diets and rely on some other better option for losing weight. The first reason for the problem Fad diets deprive the body of essential nutrients because they suggest excessive intake on only one specific kind of food.

Examples include cabbage soup, lemonade diet, and grapefruit diet. The second reason for the problem Fad diets are not reliable since the person regains the lost weight when he starts taking a normal diet once again. First solution Instead of consuming only one kind of food, the person should try taking all types of food in the food pyramid in balanced quantities and should work out in the form of exercise to burn extra calories.

Second solution Since fad diets are unreliable, the person should think about losing weight by balancing his eating habits, because an abrupt loss of weight by a fad diet results in an abrupt increase in weight once the fad diet is left. Action statement The need of the hour is that the nutritionists should spread awareness about the benefits of a balanced diet, and should not promote fad diets which result in nutritional deprivation of the body.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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