Essays on Farmers Markets in Ontario Canada Research Paper

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Research Proposal Introduction Every year, farmers confront huge losses, and consumers are unable to get hold of fresh fruits and vegetables due to lack of infrastructure and facilities in different parts of the globe (Hinsley, pp. 23-25). However, it is an observation that in Ontario, Canada, there has been a community-based initiative going on that is the accomplishment of both Canadian government, as well as community leaders of the country. In specific, farmers’ markets in Ontario, Canada (2010) nowadays have become one of the hottest shopping spots where consumers drop in to buy fresh vegetables and fruits directly from the farmers.

In this regard, this concept of buying directly from the farmers (Stephenson, pp. 39-43) has become an alternative to complement the mainstream food system. In addition, brief review of the material available regarding the farmers’ market has indicated that authorities are taking efficient steps to ensure that only local farmers get the chance to sell their grown food in the market, which has resulted in huge encouragement to local farming industry as well. Moreover, farmers’ market (LLC Books, pp. 41-56) has the strategy to create and ensure availability of the information to local farmers regarding means and tools that may allow them to grow their crops in a better manner while selling them in the most effective way.

However, unfortunately, very few researchers (Govindasamy, pp. 51-57) and experts (Womach, pp. 20-22) have carried out studies on this initiative that needs significant importance, in order to compete with commercial vendors in the market. For such purpose, the proposed research will be focusing on the ‘Farmers markets in Ontario, Canada’ that will enable the readers to know about this community-based alternative that is playing a crucial role in resolving a number of problems and issues of the conventional food market in the country. Research Question “To identify the role of Farmers’ Market in Ontario, Canada in filling the gap existing in mainstream food of the region” Objectives To analyze the role of farmers’ market in Ontario, Canada, specifically in lives of local farmers To identify loopholes and issues that are affecting the effectiveness of this alternative initiative To examine different marketing strategies in practice in the farmers’ market in Ontario, Canada To evaluate the financial and social impact of farmers’ market It is anticipation that outcomes of the proposed research will be very beneficial in better understanding of the role of farmers’ market in Ontario, Canada, and will be helpful in evaluating the possibility of creation of such markets in other regions in the future. Works Cited Farmers’ Market Ontario.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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