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Trend one: FIFTIES Something Historical and cultural background The fifties Something is a key trend with different kinds of patterns and shapes for Autumn/ Winter 2010.Currently it can be observed that the fuller figures and longer hemlines as the skirt and dress silhouettes of the late 50s and early 60’s can be seen today in most of the shops today. Fashion is a very believed to be a changeable women and as women it goes over to repeat itself over and over again. Today most of the big discoveries are too rare in fashion hence most of the trends demanded these days are nothing but actually a repetition and replication of the things which have been all invented, created and built earlier.

Today, the womanly silhouette which consists of fuller skirt silhouettes, or waisted coats, below the knee Mad Men skirt are perceived to be the key trends under the category of fifties Something for Autumn /Winter. This fashion trends gives an overall womanly look when pared down but it does gives a shapely minimal look along with a fuss free lines.

Womanly silhouettes of the late 50sThis fashion trend is associated with 1950’s a period which saw resurgence of optimism and glamor which saw a rise to entirely new phenomenon in the world of fashion. During the World War 11, every resource was used into winning the war, hence most of the fabrics were rationed in a manner that the brides were forced to get married in dresses made from leftover parachute silk or sometimes made over their mother’s wedding dresses. Make Do and Mend was actually considered the order of the day hence most of the styles during this period were plain and serviceable.

With the war behind them most of the women were in real fashion hence always thought of ways to look stylish and make sure of fabrics which were becoming more available. The full swinging skirt was considered to be a party and dance wear while the long slim skirt was actually considered proper for work. Most of the fashion trends in clothes during this period had a strong body emphasis especially the waistline.

During this period a tiny of approximately 14 inches was considered to be the most desirable asset that any girl could have or possess. The ideal of the hourglass figure, full at the bust at the hips which narrowed down to a small waist was key at this period. Teenage girls demanded various fashion styles. Rock and roll was considered to be a new style dancing which actually demanded full skirts which could swing in time to the music as well as the desired new young fresh look. Cultural background of the trendMost people prefer wearing fashion trends associated with fifties something since, they are easy to be found in any clothes shopping center hence making the entirely shopping process easier for an individual.

Additionally, these clothes are made from wonderful fabrics with magnificent velvet, lace, fur, sheer and sexy silks giving hence most individuals would prefer to buy an wear them since they are long lasting as well as gives the wearer warm feeling when wearing them due to the velvet fabrics. Since this season is cold individuals like wearing these clothes for purposes of staying warm during the entire period.

Moreover, many of the styles associated with fifties something are easier to wear than the maxis and jump suites available in most of the shops today. They suit each and every individuals body hence it does not necessary require an individual to be so tall to look amazing, these style suit everyone no matter an individual’s body shape, skin tone or budget.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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