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The paper "The Meaning of the Word Favorite" is an excellent example of an essay on humanitarian. When I hear the word favorite, I get aware of my surrounding that very instant. Personally, favorite means more of something, if I was given a choice, I would prefer over the rest present. My childhood memories are made viable when I hear the word favorite. I get so anxious since it reminds me of things I love most of my life. It is imperative to note that what is deemed as favorite to someone is in-born within him/her.   One of my childhood memories that become prevalent when I hear the word favorite is the color blue.

I personally adore the color blue. To me, blue serves as the color which represents humility and tranquility. On the breath, I vividly remember an incident that occurred when I was a child when my mom bought me a yellow dress as a Christmas gift instead of a blue dress. I despise bright colors. To show my dissatisfaction, I cried the whole day. It was obvious that my mom expected me to wear the yellow dress on Christmas day and so I had to play along and pretend to like the dress.

All along, I did this while suffering deep down with the main objective of not upsetting my mom who went the extra mile to purchase the dress off her savings. When I grew up, I reminded my mom of the very incident of the yellow dress and she smiled without commenting. She then advised me later on that what she did was worthy given she had parental instincts.

She shunned me off and told me that when I have my own kid I would understand what really happened on that fateful day. Evidently, there is a sense of dissatisfaction felt that occurs when that which is deemed favorite to someone is excluded from the equation. To feel relaxed and happy, one should take into consideration whatever serves as a favorite to him or her.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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