Essays on Political, Economical and Business Environments of Taiwan and China Case Study

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The paper "Political, Economical and Business Environments of Taiwan and China" is a perfect example of a business case study. This report analyses the political, economical and business environments of Taiwan and China. I have concentrated on articles which have rich details about the two countries. The research will help Octahedron company to make a good investment decision with minimal risks and more benefits. The aim of the research is to examine Taiwan and China markets in order to come up with the best country that Octahedron can venture into. The research is also expected to assist Octahedron in coming up with a good market strategy that will help in selling its products.

The company should be well informed before making any investment decision. Therefore, it requires quality assured research findings from qualified researchers and publishers. Foreign investment can result in heavy losses or even the failure of any given company if the decision is not based on facts about the countries involved. Success in foreign investment of Octahedron Company will market its products worldwide leading to more profits.   Introduction Octahedron Company has been marketing its products in the U. S and European markets.

Its SWIM software product has been doing well in the jewelry industry. Currently, the company's top executives are thinking of expanding the market of their products to other countries worldwide. China and Twain are the two countries that the company is targeting. However, the company intends to choose only one of the two countries. In order to come up with the best choice, the company requested me to research on political, economic and business environment of China and Twain. This will help the company come up with the best mode of entry into the market.

In order for the company to maintain its market status in the long run, it is advisable to invest in countries that have political and economic stability. Factors that affect business operations differ in various countries. China Business Environment The media has currently been suggesting that the business environment of China has been worsening for foreign investors for the past few years. However, these claims cannot be proofed since China market is only becoming competitive and tough for foreign investors.

If foreign investors can come up with new strategies for dealing with this competition, they can be able to maintain their market status.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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