Essays on Marketing Strategy Making for Perth Yoga Work Case Study

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The paper “ Marketing Strategy Making for Perth Yoga Work " is a  wonderful example of a case study on marketing. This is a summary of the proposed Australian Yoga works, we plan to call our business Perth Yoga works and as the name suggests, the business will be located in Perth. Yoga will be our main business service as we have noted that Perth has a shortfall in the same. The purpose of this is to help reach out to the sick in our society through Yoga as it has been found to be a good remedy to some ailments. Our projected sales and profits in our first financial year will be mainly to cater to our starting capital and the other expenses in starting the business but the succeeding financial years are bound to bring in many profits and increased sales.

The keys to our success will be good marketing strategies of our business and our services; our report has been divided into various sections that are detailed (Brian 2002, 25). Background/Product DescriptionOur inspiration comes from Yoga Works found in New York, they have the best combination of elements, and the same is to be implemented into our Perth Yoga works.

Our great studios will be in a position to offer the people of Perth an escape from the hard-driving city into an energetic, fast-paced retreat from daily struggles and thus giving them a chance to renew, refresh and reinvent their bodies - through Yoga. Yoga Works Perth will have it all, from Pilates, Iyengar programs, and traditional Ashtanga to Gyrotonics and special Community Classes. Students will find every style of Yoga classes at many levels in our Perth sanctuaries, which will be easily accessible by bus and/or subway.

Perth residents will expect the best, and thus our Yoga Works certified teachers will be in a position to deliver outstanding Yoga programs and also provide guidance and motivation meant to help students take their practice to the next levels (Johanson 2008, 23). Corporate vision; Our vision is to slowly branch out to other cities in Australia over time; we are not entirely restricted to Perth. Mission statement; Bring Yoga works to Australia as a whole. Corporate goals: Sales, our projected goals for our first financial year will be meant to have the starting capital got through sales, and the same used henceforth for future expansion.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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