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Introduction We intent to offer first class hotel experience with the aim of becoming a leader in the hospitality and tourism industry as well as popularise Winners and Rockers hotel with the aim of making profits. This will be achieved by ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. We will treat every guest splendidly as if they are our only customer, thereby securing the customer favour as noted by Nash and Nash (2000, p. 34) and Reidenbach and Goeke (2006, p. 38). By focusing on hiring qualified and motivated employees, we will be sure of giving our customers a delightful experience that will keep them coming back.

Our unique, innovative and contemporary fine dining will ensure a distinction from our competitors. Our Mission Our mission is to be an inspiring hotel combining an electric atmosphere with exciting and interesting food. This enterprise will vary the needs of its customers as it tries to cultivate a long term relationship with them. We will ensure that customer satisfaction remains our paramount objective. We aim to make the hotel a choice for anyone looking for ambiance, entertainment, comfort and variety. The hotel business proposal is rooted on industry facts and not mere speculations or optimism as a plan based on facts is a recipe for success (Timmons, Spinelli & Zacharakis, 2004, p.

45). Our products i. e. foods, drinks and lodging services prices are based on vast industry and practical experience of our management as they have been in similar positions in other ventures. A collective look on all figures has been taken to fix solid business estimates in our prices. The business concept for the hotel is derived from a detailed market analysis and not from a preconceived concept.

This means that our hotel concept is built on unmet consumers wants. In place is a strong mitigation plan as we have evaluated traditional and non traditional risks associated with hotel failure and accounted for them. Hotel’s SummaryThe hall mark to our unique style of doing activities will be characterised by an open display kitchen where guests can enjoy seeing their meals prepared especially during the night. The hotel will feature a twofold system where we will have a cosmopolitan bar that will offer customers drinks in comfort.

We shall also be having a full service dining where our customers can enjoy their meals as they socialise. This model presents the guests with variety by offering multiple dining and entertainment options within the premises. The establishment will be in a 1000 square feet area and will be capable of accommodating 200 patrons. Consideration to provide zoning, parking and accessibility issues will be reviewed as a key criterion. The main office will be at the entrance of the hotel and a reception desk at the next building adjacent to the main office.

This building will host 200 rooms and will also have a swimming pool at the middle of the building. A kitchen will be positioned at the far end of the field. Between the kitchen and the building with rooms, there will be an open sitting area where guests can mingle as they enjoy their meals. The design may be modified accordingly depending on later needs. This is based on the point that hotel development is a high risk and high reward enterprise (O'Fallon & Rutherford, 2010, p.


Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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