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The paper "The Recommended Marketing Objectives of the Company" is an outstanding example of a marketing assignment.   According to the Business Dictionary (2012, 1), marketing objectives can be perceived as a set of goals that are fixed by a particular business when engaging in the efforts of promoting its products or services to the prospective consumers which ought to be accomplished within a specific timeframe. These objectives might include but not limited to offering concrete information in regard to the product characteristics to the customers, enhancing the level of awareness among the target segment of customers or minimizing the tendency of the consumers resisting to purchase a certain product. The primary objectives of the coffee shop targeting to enter the Malaysian market are outlined in the subsequent analysis. Achieving specific financial goals- In every new venture, generating revenues is a core objective of the business is at all it has to achieve its viability both in the short and long term.

At first, the financial targets of this coffee shop will be evaluated weekly and monthly and after some time, they will be assessed on an annual basis.

This marketing objective will particularly be important in the efforts to meet the daily costs of running the business as well as fulfilling the expectations of the shareholders in the new business venture in Malaysia. Attaining customer satisfaction and loyalty- Consumer satisfaction has for a long time been considered as having enormous impacts on the future competitive advantage of a business (Sadeghi & Farokhian, 2011, 39). Some of the factors influencing consumer satisfaction are outlined in the subsequent diagram. Figure 1.0: Factors that affect consumer satisfaction Source: Singh (2006, 2). Generating constant traffic of consumers: This marketing objective is particularly fundamental if at all the new coffee shop in Malaysia is to capture a favorable niche in the local market as well as gradually expand its market share in this domestic market.

In this regard, attaining constant traffic of consumers will be attained through extensive promotions, offering quality services, discounting among other strategies that will facilitate total fulfillment of the consumers’ needs.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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