Essays on Vision, Mission and Goals - Coffee Nero in Australia Case Study

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Generally, the paper "Vision, Mission and Goals - Coffee Nero in Australia " is an outstanding example of a marketing case study.   Founded in 1997 by Dr Gerry Ford, Caffe Nero which is the Italian for black coffee which offers European style coffee house brand has grown to run 700 coffee houses today. The company has its headquarters in London and has operations in several countries including the UK, Poland, Ireland, Cyprus, the UAE, Turkey and the United States where its operations began in 2014. The company had been listed in London stock exchange in 2001 but was to be delisted in 2007 in a bid to give the company more flexibility necessary for business growth.

In fact, most of its expansion overseas happened after its delisting. The company’ s success has been attributed to its high-quality coffee. In fact, the company has won numerous accolades thanks to its high-quality coffee. For instance, Allegra strategies have rated the company as having the best quality of coffee among all the major coffee brands in the UK for eight consecutive years. Among its offerings include traditional espresso-based drinks including espresso, latte, Cappuccino and Macchiato.

Other products include which are not necessarily coffee include Frappe Latte, fruit boosters and hot chocolate Milano among others (Doole, 2008). It is based on its success over the years that the company now wants to open operations in Australia with the Sydney branch as its first operation in Australia. It is hoped that it will replicate its successful structure in its Australian operations. COMPANY VISION, MISSION & GOALS The company has the vision of creating traditional Italian cafes across the world.

It aims at being a place that serves very high-quality coffee while acting as a meeting place for the neighbourhood. The company’ s mission statement is making sure that it's coffee and food offerings are excellent in all the areas it operates in a bid to achieve their vision. The company will thus provide its clients with good quality coffee as well as a comfortable environment for its customers. In this regard the company’ s goals for success are threefold and include providing high quality and well-defined offering, focusing on brand value as well as ensuring a selective site acquisition and a disciplined roll-out (Jared, 2011).

The company will also endeavour to integrate into the local environment and culture thus making the customers feel comfortable with their offerings wherever they may be. SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS POLITICAL FACTORS The decision to move to Australia is backed by the existence of a conducive political environment for carrying out business. Australia is characterised by a long period of political stability. The country is a democracy that is governed by common law. In addition, the possibility of free trade is assured as the government does not interfere with trade.

As such, there is a low political risk. It is also worth noting that the government regards the right to private property highly implying that there is security owing to strong protection under the law (Hamaizar, 2014). This includes not only physical properties or assets but also protection for patents while compliance with product standards is strongly enforced. However, the company ought to be careful in relocating to Australia especially as far as product labelling is concerned. This is because the law is very strict on this and incorrect labelling of coffee beans hence implying misleading and deceptive conduct which may lead to extensive fines for breach including expensive product recall requirement.


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