Essays on Feasibility Study Of A New Hotel School At Waikato University Assignment

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Executive SummaryThis report of a study intended to evaluate the feasibility of possible establishment of a teaching Hotel in Waikato University. Though Waikato University has spawned vast excitement in the country, we need to yield information about its feasibility in the establishment of the teaching hotel (Brian and Adrian, 2009). The new hotel at Waikato University will serve both the students and the community at large who include tourist from other countries and the countries inhabitants. Individuals will hold seminars, weddings, conferences, meetings and other functions in the hotel.

The hotel is also aspiring to accommodate the many international students at Waikato University. After two years, the management is targeting to obtain increased occupancy and revenues from the new hotel (Alexey, 2010). The new hotel on Waikato University should be managed but not leased. This will ensure meeting the hotels goals as the management understands better the initial objective of the new hotel-to act as a training facility and hotel facility. Every hotel consists of organization and management structure. A hotel organization structure is a widespread plan by a hotel proprietor to identify departmental actions and tasks.

This structure brings regulation to every feature of hotel maneuver from the front desk and room service to the department of human resources. Hotel organizational structures are important as they ensure utmost profitability from every room, restaurant and bar each day. For a hotel to run effectively, it should generate an organizational structure that is simple to understand. On the other hand, the management structure involves those people who are running the day to day roles of the hotel. These personnel include the general manager, chief executive, human resources, and board of directors who implement strategies, undertake recruitments and approve plans.

Each hotel must define every job title carefully to ensure efficiency. IntroductionPurpose of studyThe purpose of study is to assess the feasibility of possible establishment of a teaching hotel in Waikato University. With this I will determine the market gap for an additional 3-4 stars hotel with multi complex facility, whether the location, being on campus, is suitable and decide a suitable location, and lastly determine whether the proposed hotel project is viable on the basis of market demand and financial forecasting (Brian and Adrian, 2009).

This feasibility study will also help the management in making decisions as to whether they will continue with the project or not. Using this report also, the university will either commission a business plan or abandon the idea of a hospitality hotel school on campus. It is significant to carry out a feasibility study before constructing anew hotel at Waikato University so as to scrutinize all aspects that could influence its profitability (Simon, et al, 2003). The study estimates possible demand and makes financial protrusions based on all sources of incomes and costs.

Assumptions for the proposed establishment include: The hotel component of the proposed establishment will be branded to containing, 50 bedrooms, conference room with dividable screens to make it multipurpose, bar facilities, and kitchen restaurant facilities (Dimitri, 2009).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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