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Essays on 3D Bookshop Game - Business Opportunity, Product Description, Timing, Apprenticeship, Competitors, Customer Profile, and Marketing Strategy Report

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The paper “ 3D Bookshop Game - Business Opportunity, Product Description, Timing, Apprenticeship, Competitors, Customer Profile, and Marketing Strategy“ is a  spectacular variant on a report on marketing. This feasibility study seeks to address the dynamic change in trends of digital media in the bookstore industry. Evidently, the bookstores have suffered under increased usage of digital preference in accessing books. With the growing number of technological advancements, book publisher has shifted to e-books where consumers can easily access the products from a variety of devices. This has resulted in the deteriorated book sales in the bookstores.

In response, this project seeks to consolidate book readers and gamers, in such a manner that bookstore owners can easily sell products through online platforms. This necessitates the development of the product (video game), “ Book Stage” that integrates an online platform for the sale and purchase of e-books, as well as, a video game for players. The product aims at targeting gamers who are avid book readers, and vice versa. The video game industry is highly dynamic; however, this product has never been developed before hence it expects to encounter limited or no competition in its genre.

Given the market segmentation of the video game industry, the approach will focus on developing a casual game that consolidates Oculus Rift technology. Simply put, Oculus rift technology uses virtual reality for gamers, where its platform offers a great selling point for the product. Crossroads BV company will be outsourced as a major developer of the product. At a cost of $ 140, 500, the product will be funded through three approaches namely; loan acquisition, independent funding, and prospective investors. Prior to its release, the product will be patented, in protecting its intellectual rights.

Its timely release will be achieved at a time when the Oculus Rift technology will be unveiled in 2015. Upon its release, “ BookStage” will use “ advergaming” as its primary marketing approach, as well as a subscription-monthly fee as its business model. Its distribution will be purely through digital platforms, given the technological advancement in the gaming industry. BookStage’ s growth strategy will seek to attract new customers through branding and retaining its consumers through value creation. 1.0Business Opportunity 1.1 Value InnovationThe bookshop industry is subject to numerous arguments that pertain to its future regarding the consolidation of the new digital age.

Although bookstores have garnered customer preference, the rise of new and enhanced digital transformation poses a considerable threat to its existence. Traditional book sales have over the years decreased. However, technological advancement will have little effect on the publishing industry in the short term. E-books sales will cannibalize a limited portion of physical sales of books to the readers. Publishers that are not attuned to technological advancement are subject to lose out in the reader’ s market.

It is imperative, therefore, to create an online bookstore service, which will implement a 3D Bookshop game that consolidates Oculus Rift and augmented reality. Looking into the future, and full comprehension of time, it is imperative that publishers and bookstore consolidate new technology. Evidently, the 3D bookshop is original and has not been exploited by the new entrants in the market. The game will showcase the social, architectural and social landscape of the readers towards an improved reader’ s experience.  


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