Essays on Fedex Company Strategy And Competitiveness Assignment

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Strategic analysis for FedEx CompanyIntroductionFedEx Corporation which was originally referred to as FDX Corporation is company based on logistics services. It is based in the US and has its headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee. FedEx Corporation was incorporated in 1997 and after the purchase of Caliber; the company began offering additional services on top of shipping. FedEx Company prospects that its own subsidiaries package will continue distributing significant market share. FedEx Express unit is regarded as the leading express transportation provider as it delivers almost 3.5 million packages on daily basis to about 220 territories and countries.

The Express sustains a fleet of about 41,000 trailers and motor vehicles and almost 665 aircraft (Birla 112). So as to complement the delivery business for the express, FedEx Ground offers ground delivery based on small-package in North America. FedEx Ground Inc. offers business-to-business ground services as well as package shipping. Other business services including the document related are offered in the FedEx Office stores. Moreover the office stores acts as retail centers for other FedEx units. FedEx does not depend on glide path to maintain market leadership and profit in the industry.

On the contrary, the company continuously applies new aggressive marketing strategies, initiatives for strategic management and information technologies to connect better with consumers and minimize operating costs along with improving profitability (Birla 112). Corporate vision and valuesFedEx Company views worldwide marketplaces basically with expanded access to information, goods and services. The Company is good for businesses, good for individual persons and good for all nations. Countries having levels of access that are higher always have the capital income with higher growth rate.

In addition the GDP growth rate happens to be higher too and as the world GDP expand, the global trade is anticipated to rise tremendously in the next three decades. Two decades ago, FedEx Express started operating as all-cargo carrier and currently operates all-cargo flights more than any other airline in the US to and from China. In FY05, The Company initiated the express first direct flight for the industry from China to Europe. The initial phase of a perfect plan that promotes the worldwide connectivity leadership for the company is the westbound surrounding the world flight.

This flight will henceforth enhance the service offerings for the company between the rapid growing economies in the two markets. In FY09, the company purpose to open another hub in southern China specifically in Guangzhou Bauyun International Airport (Lehman 312). This will assist the company to server its esteemed customers better in the fast growing markets in Asia-Pacific and China. Besides the company’s vision of improving on the physical access to transport network, another vision focuses on improving access to information.

One of the greatest successes for the company basing on technology solutions was the launch of Print FedEx Kinko’s which happens to be a software enhancement to Microsoft Office. The Information Technology organization for the company has started on considering greater things as the major transformations is purposed to assist the company to deliver rapid business solutions while at the same time improving return on benefits. The Corporation’s vision for FedEx is a market where goods as well as information spread quickly and seamlessly. The Company wishes for a world where the raw materials for the businesses are transformed to high- value goods that move rapidly between continents as well as across time zones.

The visionary world is one that transportation networks and global information are in a position to overcome distance and time hence generating competitive advantages for the consumers.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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