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The paper "Analysis of Fiat Mio Benefits" is a great example of a business assignment. The main focus for the Fiat Mio was developing a prototype and present it at Sao Paulo Auto Show. Fiat Mio accomplished this using the open innovation where the participants assisted them through the ideas they gave when they participated. The concept car expressed the desires and wishes of the majority users that were usually snubbed thus demonstrating the achievement of the project prototype that is accepted by the customer. Fiat Mio gained from the open innovation experience as the project drew interest form lots of partners who saw a chance for an opening heighten communication with the customers. Also, Flat Mio benefited from the internet user’ s ideas, time and passion for developing a concept car.

So, Fiat gained when the internet users joined in the development of the car concept. Fiat Mio benefited from the minimum research and development costs through the ideas of the participants and experienced partners. Therefore, Fiat Mio incurred less cost than they would have if participants did not raise ideas. When Fiat Mio demonstrated the ability to develop a concept car through collaboration at a web-based platform. In Brazil, cars are very significant to their culture as the automobile industry continues to grow with the increase in market demand.

It is evident that the Fiat Concept Car has contributed greatly to the growth of the industry and embracing different customer views is an advantage to Fiat Mio as they a good market reputation. When comparing to a similar project that was in 2006 at the Sao Paulo Auto show, the prizes awarded indicates the Fiat Mio collaborative project advantages of open innovation. It is evident that Sao Paulo Auto Show is a platform where companies showcase their ideas to investors and interested parties.

The show attracted the media and the fact that Fiat Mio succeeded, this acted as an advertisement thus creating a market for potential investors and potential interests. At the end development of car concept, Fiat Mio benefited in many ways. One of the benefits is the site where Leonardo states that the company developed a real-time interactivity site to get more ideas and feedback. During the development of the concept car, Fiat Mio progressively discovered where and how to implement ideas on the concept idea phase. Fiat Mio would benefit financially by registering the concept through Attribution-No Derivatives license. The customer needs were accurately addressed in the open innovation hence benefiting Fiat Mio The participant also benefited in various ways that include: Originally, the purpose of the project was to collect data for the market survey.

Later the project changed to marketing movement. The change gave a chance to the participant with the most creative idea to win a car. The participants had a chance to participate in building a concept car and this gave them a chance and excitement of fulfilling their needs and interests. The concept idea phase benefited the participants as they progressively learned how and where the ideas would work Fiat Mio used to contentiously update the participants on the detailed progress of the car concept and this made them learn and understand how to develop a concept car. During development stages on the concept designs, Fiat Mio made videos in a black box in the Fiat center.

The black box is where the company made its products in secret at the center was off-limits traditionally.

The participants benefited as they would view these videos once a week. The benefited a lot as they got the opportunity to see collective efforts of designers, engineers, and executives in a step by step process from the creative process to the final concept car that was presented in Sao Paulo Show. Also, the internet users got to see each step in the design process in developing a concept car and the challenges faced for free without restrictions. The participants who had resources rights and clear ideas had a chance to develop FCC III prototype or the concept ideas. Fiat Mio viewed the participants as the boss and they showed appreciation for their efforts. Fiat Mio invited the participants through campaigns and Twitter to come and see the outcome of the car concept at the showroom. It always feels good when participating in a project that results in a success and therefore the participants were satisfied by contributing to the car concept. Leonardo had plans to associate and personalize with the internet users who participated in giving ideas of the concept car by gathering their information.


Fabio Prado Saldanha and Marlei Pozzebon, The project that embraced open innovation, crowdsourcing, and creative commons in the automotive industry. Fiat Mio case (2016).
Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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