Essays on Film Reaction Paper On No Lies Coursework

No Lies There is no doubt in the fact that the movie that is d No lies is one of the strangest videos that I have seen. Indeed, there were points when I really thought that what I was watching was a documentary and everything that happened to the main character was true. Now, thinking about what I have seen, I admire the mastery of the main actress who did her best to convey the strong and so natural feelings.
I particularly liked the structure of the movie. There is no doubt in that it has three distinctive parts. Thus, when I was watching the first one I felt that something terrible is going to happen and I was a real shock when the woman said: “I got raped last week”. Indeed, after watching her being in great mood the discussion about the rape surely worsened it.
Thus, at the very end of the movie, the cameraman and the second main character whose face is never shown, but force is heard loud and clear turned quite aggressive all of a sudden. It is his fault that an attractive young girl turned into a crying broken woman within several seconds. It would not be a mistake to point out that this transformation is what the movie is about.
Finally, the film also features a rather important aspect, namely the way a victim of rape sees the work of police and doctors. I would recommend all the police offices and doctors watch it to get the other perspective of their work.