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The paper "BIT Australasia - Customer Relationship Marketing" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study. BIT Australasia (BITA) is the Australian subsidiary of a BIT GmbH, a German engineering firm. BITA has three divisions: BIT Imports (BITI), which imports machinery and supplies from the parent company, BIT Engineering (BITE), which designs and manufactures a range of specialized lathes, routers and milling machines for the plastic industry, and BIT- Sales and Marketing (BITS), which provides marketing and support to the other divisions. BITS has staff in both BITI and BITE. BITA’ s administrative support organisation, shown in Figure 2, consists of the CFO plus two accountants and three clerical assistants plus two IT support staff.

BITI has an office manager and two clerical assistants, BITE has an office manager and one clerical assistant and BITS is supported by two clerical assistants who are collocated with BITA in Sydney. On average the clerical assistants and ICT administrator each receive approximately AUD40,000 pa, plus on-costs, which add an additional 15% per person to the cost of employment. The financial cost Vantage was developed for make-to-order (MTO) and mixed-mode discrete manufacturers based on over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. Vantage is an ever-evolving, comprehensive solution providing integrated, paperless workflow management to improve responsiveness and reduce waste, scrap and rework.

Vantage delivers enterprise-wide, robust functionality including: • Integrated customer relationship management • Efficient sales order management • Substantial customer service • Extensive product data management • Advanced manufacturing planning and scheduling • Real-time production management • Comprehensive supply chain management • Accurate finance and accounting • Out-of-the-box eBusiness • Effective business performance management The customer relationship marketing Scope of Analysis Abstract How do we define loyal customers Customers would become profitable over time and loyal customers would be accounting for more profit and growth. ( Mary M.

Long, Sylvia D. Clark, Leon G. Schiffman, Charles McMellon, 2003) Do measures of profitability include referrals The companies would be ignoring normally the profit from the most important aspect that can be called as the loyalty and they tend to overlook the rewards that the loyal customers would receive. Why do customers defect It is important to find out why customers would be defecting and why they defect. Is customer satisfaction data that was collected was objective or not There have been cases of increased customer satisfaction that has been reported but the company balance sheet has been showing decline profit and sales. Where are the listening posts for collecting customer data? The normal listening post will be the customer feedback, the report from the front office staff and so on. How is customer satisfaction used to solve customer problems In order to handle customer problems, a company has to have the ability to solve any situation that will arise promptly.

The employees should be encouraged to report the failure and that will include the customers also. How do you measure employee productivity Employee productivity is integrated with customer satisfaction. How do you create employee loyalty Employee loyalty goes in hand with productivity and that will be contradicting the conventional wisdom that successful service providers should be prompted to large jobs that involve customer relationship.

( Alan S. Mitchell, 2002) Have we made an effort to determine the right level of employee retention Dynamic organizations would be requiring a certain level of turnover and it has to be understood by the loss for the company in the form of loss of sales and lack of productivity.

( P. M. Rao, Erik A. Borg, Joseph Klein, 2008) Do employees know who their customers are It can be particularly difficult for employees to identify their customers and when those customers are internal to the company. ( Feiertag, Howard, 2009) Are employees satisfied with the technological and personal support they receive on the job? The cornerstone of successful companies is that there will be a better use of information technology and work scheduling and team training. ( Debra Zahay, Abbie Griffin, 2004) To what extent is the company leadership Energetic, creative The corporate culture would have a major impact on customer satisfaction and value and image would be linked together.

Leadership would be the key factor that would be driving the norms and values in certain directions. ( Gordon Fullerton, 2005-2006) Every firm to succeed in customer relationship management will have to embrace the new concepts and process and that would mean that the existing practice that has been followed in the company has to be challenged a lot. Do measures of profitability include referrals The companies would be ignoring normally the profit from the most important aspect that can be called as the loyalty and they tend to overlook the rewards that the loyal customers would receive. There is nothing wrong in treating the first and loyal customer in the same manner and the other notion in support of the process can be said as follows. The cost of getting a new customer in the business segment will be 5-10 times more than retaining the existing one.

It is better to get a more focused approach to customer retention and then get a referral. There has been a reduction in operating costs and there will be a boost in customer retention.

The relationship marketing for businessmen will have the potential for improving the business. (Sheth and Parvatiyar, 1995). It has been seen that the service firm will be losing 20 percent of customers annually and that has to be countered by increasing the services to business. The value of organizational culture to customer relationship management The culture has been considered as the genetic code of the organization and will be significant from different perspectives. There is a large number of organizations in the world which is culturally embedded.

Norms will be telling people to behave and culture will be having an influence on thinking, feeling and sense-making. Any type of culture has to be seen as an advantage and disadvantage position and each culture will not be easy to imitate. The culture of the organization can determine the success of the organization.


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