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The paper "Strategic Sales and Sales Management" is a worthy example of a marketing assignment.   A sales manager has greater responsibilities than a sales representative. Sales management requires leadership capabilities. Having no prior experience in management, the new post of a sales manager may present various hurdles that may affect performance but with time and training can be overcome. These challenges include; The current economic situation is very volatile. The global economic crisis which started in 2008 has presented numerous difficulties in the sales job. As a sales manager, I am likely to face low business performance, decrease or stagnant demand as well as attack from media against business meetings.

This is a challenge that requires integrity and, critical thinking as well as immense problem-solving skills to overcome. The success of any organization depends on the effectiveness of the sales team. As a manager one is required to recruit, motivate and retain the best team for achieving the goals of the organization. This is challenging as it requires strategic management skills as well as leadership capabilities. This is a challenger for the sales manager as they are burdened by the task to make rightful decisions in hiring and molding their sales team into a perfect team to meet the targeted objectives (Guy 1993).

This should be done with the assistance of an HR manager in order to ensure a successful recruitment process (Guy, 1993). Similarly, a sales manager is obligated to ensure that the organization’ s goals of increasing sales and revenues are met. The competition is stiff, with increased competition in the major markets with global brands, which may present a new challenge in achieving these objectives (HSMAI’ s Hotel Director of Sales & Marketing Advisory Board, 2012).

In addition, a sales manager has more administrative duties than a sales representative. These new administrative duties and leadership may be a great challenge in a manager’ s work. There is often very little time to meet the target and be able to coordinate the entire sales team for optimal sales and profits. Building awareness in an environment where competition for the attention of customers is fierce is difficult. The sales manager must have the skills to create visibility, position and differentiate the company’ s products hence avoid commoditization.

This is a complex situation that brings challenges to a sales manager as he or she needs to coordinate his team, motivate and reward hard workers appropriately and fire those sleeping on the job (Klymshyn, 2006). Creating an effective reward scheme, which balances the individual need of a salesperson while achieving efficiency and effectiveness is the most significant challenge faced by sales managers (Cravens, Meunier-FitzHugh, and Piercy, 2011).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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