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The paper "Main Gainsharing Plans, Job-based Pay " is an outstanding example of a management assignment. Gainsharing is a management system where an enterprise targets a higher level of performance through involvement and participation of its workforce. An organization that employs this kind of system has a higher likelihood of recording improved performance. The reason for the enhanced performance is because as the company’ s performance increases, the employees benefit from the financial gain realized through the increased performance. Gainsharing plan is applicable to almost every sector of production that ranges from the healthcare sector, manufacturing firms, public sectors as well as non-profit making organizations (Shields, 2009). The main features of a gainsharing system that makes it a success comprise of: Employees that are actively consulted in designing process.

A gainsharing system often involves a single site as well as a stand-alone organization. In addition, the system is designed in a manner to support the daily activities of the employees to enhance improvement initiatives. Lastly, and most important is that the gains and corresponding payouts are self-funded and are based on the savings generated through improved performance (Shields, 2009). Q6: Briefly compare and contrast position-based and person-based base pay options? Job-based pay is a structure where employees’ salaries are determined depending on the analysis and requirement of a specific position.

Job-based pay is often regarded as an out-dated model where employees’ pays are based on their academic qualifications and seniority. This method gives employees a sure way to predict their salaries increases. It recognizes royal employees by rewarding them accordingly for working with them over a long period of time. This method offers fairness within job titles as the pay is structured by the job.

This type of payment is not suitable for the employees who are self-driven as they perform more and get the same pay with the rest in the same title who work less. Similarly, those in the highest ranks do not have any motivation as they have reached self-actualization point and have nothing to motivate them. On the other hand, knowledge-based pay is where employees’ salaries are based on their ability to deliver results, rather than on job titles.

This model is best suited for those employees who are ambitious, self-driven and aim at their career development. Their objectives are to learn new skills and acquire new knowledge, rather than focusing on the pay that is the immediate reward which most employees aim. This method rewards those employees who perform at a higher level. When organizations reward for new skills development, they encourage their employees to work at a higher level (Shields, 2009). Q7. Identify the key environmental influences that have significance for HRIS. Data is considered as sensitive and confidential.

One of the greatest challenges for HRIS is the potential risks of the privacy of the employees’ data. The human resource managers are nowadays worried about the impending danger of the employee's data that is stored in their system been maliciously damaged by authorized or unauthorized users. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that the manager is aware and keen on the users’ access, data disclosure, data accuracy as well as rights of inspection and HRIS security. Failure to guarantee this may lead to ethical, legal and employees’ relations issues that could compromise the credibility of the system. HR of global enterprises should make sure that their HRIS meets international security standards.

Nowadays, organizations should be cautious for legal litigation resulting from employees’ bad use of emails and the internet. Most employees use the internet for their personal use such as viewing pornography, sending personal emails as well as downloading movies and songs. The organization may suffer litigation in instances where the employees use office emails illegally and that is why it is important to establish policies that will regulate the use of emails and the internet.

One such important policy is to let the employees be aware that the management reserve the right to monitor their activities and their email messages are not private and can be read by the managers(Shields, 2009).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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