Essays on The Purpose of the Organisational Behaviour Assignment

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The paper "The Purpose of the Organisational Behaviour" is a wonderful example of an assignment on management. Organizational behaviors involve the way people i. e. individuals and groups apply their knowledge in solving the problems and even taking up the opportunities that underlie on the way. The purpose of the behavior is mainly to improve organizational performance and extend the organizational competitiveness in the market. These have a major effect on the success of the business. In the case study, both the managers of the omega and acme had the same opportunity for success, but it depended on the behaviors and notions that both the top management would implement in the organization.

In the acme organization, the president retained the organizational structure, which ensured that the behaviors and motives of the workers did not change, which could have an effect on the organization. In contrast in omega, everything was changed affecting the behaviors in the organization, and this was directly impacted by the profitability of the organization. Individual differences play a major role in the effectiveness of company performance. Taking into consideration the individual strength and areas of specialization works perfectly in the success of the company.

This includes dividing the work into partition according to the individual area of specialization. This ensures that the individual performs better than when subjected to work without specifications. In this case, acme divided its employees into different ranks according to specific jobs and capability, for example, mechanical engineer electrical engineer, and even industrial engineering. This had a major aspect in the full performance of the company and the profit margin of the organization. They were also later able to minimize their cost of production as a result of proper coordination among various groups, therefore, streamlining the activities.

This is unlike in Omega Company where the president was also performing various activities, which were even out of his specialization e. g., he once operated in the shipping company and even working with some mechanical engineers. This behavior creates confusion in the organization at large developing an effect on the overall performance of the business. This also can be looked at the individual emotions, which may have an impact on the activities undertaken by the company.

The above aspect of behavior should, therefore, be used in selecting the individuals to undertake a certain role in the organization as some are more challenging than the others. Individuals have perceptions and decision-making capabilities. As a result, the top management has to have ample knowledge of this as it would help in a grouping of individuals into various partitions according to their capabilities. This was the tactic with omega that gathered their specialists together and worked as a team.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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