Essays on Nike Company Communication Analysis and Communication Plan Case Study

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The paper "Nike Company Communication Analysis and Communication Plan" is a good example of a marketing case study.   According to Barrett (2014), communication is successful when the message from the sender is successfully conveyed to the receiver. Once it has been delivered, the message must be decoded successfully by the receiver and feedback provided through verbal and non-verbal means where possible. For this reason, Nike has developed various platforms that have enabled it to reach out to its audience. By engaging several communication channels like email, social media, radio and TV, reports and brochures, the company has been able to adopt particular channels of communication that have been designed to address the communication needs of particular interest groups.

Through the company annual reports, for instance, the company is able to effectively communicate critical messages to its shareholders, employees and other interested parties and show to them the company’ s performance, objectives, limitations and challenges etc as well as its plans for the next financial year. As seen in the figure below, the company uses its yearly report to communicate important financial performance of the company in printed report documents.

The company has aligned its strategy well with best practice in the selection and use of communication channels to relay information to its target audience (Nike Inc. , 2015). Source: https: //s1.q4cdn. com/806093406/files/doc_financials/2015/ar/docs/nike-2015-form-10K. pdf Being a sportswear manufacturing company, Nike has extensively produced and used video clips to further reach out to the masses of external audiences especially in the run-up to major regional or global events. The success of this means of communication could be seen in its marketing campaign ‘ Just Do It’ during the Rio Olympics opening ceremony. This video clip showed both famous and unknown athletes in an unreal meets real spectacular.

The campaign has been seen as a successful tagline that exceeded expectations in its bid to highlight the relevance of the brand. The campaign recorded millions of online views, showing the company’ s strategic audience targeting. Such videos are also shared internally to ensure that employees can keep up with information and share in the company’ s brand enhancement (Odell, 2015). The company has also used its website to reach out to both internal and external audiences by posting a number of company news items, pictures (as shown below) and videos.

Through the website, the company shares its logo, vision, mission, company composition, quarterly newsletters, among other information and can be accessed by both external visitors and company employees. Source: http: //about. nike. com/ The company has also invested in clear leadership behavior with integrated messages and actions. This is a great way to ensure successful strategic communications (Smithson, 2016). While interacting with internal employees as well as external visitors, the management builds a rapport, maintains eye contact and is ready to respond to questions.

By hosting visitors in its offices, the company through its executives have exploited verbal communication channels to pass information. Source: http: //about. nike. com/ The company has successes in making communication the central point of every activity with great feedback avenues. To extend its reach to audiences’ living rooms, the company invests in TV ads, radio campaigns as well as print media. It has also built a strong presence in social networks with huge followings on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and blogs.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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