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The paper "The Strategies for Kieron Industries" is a good example of a business case study.   The world of today is presenting more and more business opportunities for entrepreneurs with knowledge on how to successfully manage a business. Unfortunately, not all persons have the ability to take of business opportunities arising from new developments in our day to day lives. As such, only entrepreneurs with the best skills in business are going to set up a business and be able to provide a return on investment. Therefore, any speculation of a new business opportunity should be investigated through various market analysis tools and conducting feasibility studies.

Rankins (2005) says that the first step in setting up a business is developing a business concept in which the entrepreneur assesses and evaluates his role in taking up the opportunity and providing the goods/services to the market. As such, he should also be able to identify the factors that work for his business to prosper in terms of environment and market conditions. 1.0 Introduction In this course, I have learned about the essentials of starting up a business and all the essentials that go along with setting up a business.

This paper, therefore, is a report of a strategic business plan for a safety cloth manufacturing company. 1.1 Authorization The report is sanctioned by my lecturer in Integrated Business Topics (BUS475) James T. Sternieri, in fulfilment of my module requirement, presented on (Insert date of submission) 2.0 Purpose The strategic plan for Kieron Industries, as the name of my business, is to provide a guideline on the basics of running the business and how it will meet the customer requirements and needs and at the same time make business sense.

The plan also theorizes on the possible problems and challenges facing the business. 2.1 Scope The strategic plan brings into focus the situational analysis in the market, in terms of the business environment, market segments and product suitability in the market and analyses the strategies and tactics to achieve set goals and objectives. 2.2 Vision statement To be the leading provider of quality safety and protective clothing in the market in North America. 2.3 Mission statement Safety, concern, and care for consumers. Protection of our environment and personal and corporate integrity are the company’ s highest values, and we will not compromise them. 3.0 Our business concept Kieron Industries will provide quality safety and protective wear and equipment in a show of our concern for the safety of our customers.

Our products will be made with the safety of the customers in mind bearing in mind the fact that there are existing players in the industry and thus our superiority in product quality will award us a generous market share. Our products will also ensure that the users are comfortable and that they do not affect the competence of the user but rather increases competence with the assurance that he/she is protected from any harmful product or dirt that he is handling.

To achieve our vision, the company will embark on extensive marketing measures and suing various strategies to help us achieve our objectives and attain sustainable competitive advantage.


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