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Log bookAs a part of the undergraduate degree programme, all the students are required to complete a significant body of independent work that draws from and extends the taught elements of the degree programme. It was outlined that the project should either focus on providing a practical investigation of some theme or issue relating to the business and Information Technology disciplines or developing a part or all of a software application in response to an identified business or commercial problem. I had previously thought of developing a software application for managing the supply chain for a retail format.

However, on the very first day of my research I heard an interesting comment being made by a retail store owner. He said that the supply chain management systems currently in use in the UK are not good enough and are not as comparable as the systems used in the US. Such a statement completely threw me off-balance and I decided to investigate the matter. On asking a few more retail store owners, I heard similar responses. Therefore, I decided to undertake my research on finding out ways to improve the performance and quality of automatic supply chain systems in the UK by comparing the supply chain systems of the US and the UK.

Project frameworkOnce the topic was decided, it was imperative to draw out a framework for the project, as without a framework it would be difficult to proceed. Therefore, I would speak with few of my friends to first discuss about this topic and find what kind of framework would be suitable for this project. However, even before speaking with my friends, it was important to understand the topic myself and I started doing some research on the topic.

I found that most of the literatures talked about the integration of the supply chain management system and the important of developing such a system. Most of the literatures separately talked about the supply chain management systems currently in us in the UK and the US. However, not a single literature talked about the comparison between these two systems. This is when I decided to create a comparison between the systems of both these countries, to find out why the UK companies prefer the US systems.

My friends also had the same opinion. They also thought that the US systems were much better than the UK system, and gave me some insights like the flexibility of updating regulations and the systems being user-friendly etc. With the help of my friends, I drew a rough sketch of my project. The sketch is given below: Researching about the projectFinding out existing literature on the topicDefining a clear project hypothesisSteps on how to prove this hypothesisOnce the rough framework was made, my work became easier and I could easily focus on finding out materials for my project topic.

I also spoke with my tutor to find out if my research topic was fine enough for this project. I realised that it is important to get the topic approved in the beginning itself rather than getting it scrapped after putting in a lot of efforts into researching for the topic. It was during this interaction with my tutor that my tutor suggested to go for chapter wise and thereafter section wise division of the paper.

My tutor said that such a selection would help in organising my thoughts in a better manner.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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