Essays on Capital Structure and Cost of Capital and Financial Performance Analysis - Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Case Study

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The paper "Capital Structure and Cost of Capital and Financial Performance Analysis - Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank" is a good example of a finance and accounting case study.   One of the most imperative financial assessments and which financial managers come across in their professions is to evaluate whether the enterprise should devote huge sums of capital in a given outlay. The judgment may impact the corporate managers in either a manner that is directly or indirectly. For instance, the manager may come up with a scheme to take over or combine with a different concern and it would encompass the appraisal of possessions that are maintained by the target entity and a resolution made to either maintain or close a specific section of the target entity.

These decisions are accompanied by financial analyses that are complicated setting out a justification for the proposal. There are various methods used to gauge the worth of investments that are new or projects with the most demanding and steady encompass projecting the cash flows of the future and subsequently discounting the projections at a proportion to of interest that is appropriate in arriving at the present worth.

The reaction is normally accessible as a ratio of the rate of return. The inference is that the frequency of return for the project that is identified should on the higher perspective of the cost of capital of the enterprise for the plan to be acknowledged. Managers even though it seem familiar to have the vaguest of ideas of how the rate of discounting that is appropriate is chosen. Moreover, even if an enterprise calculates correctly the cost of capital a different cost of capital is used.

It seems, therefore, there are many practical and conceptual problems that face managers when queried to appraise verdicts in capital budgeting. The research sets to highlight how Abu Dhabi Ship Building PJSC can evaluate the cost of capital that is suitable. The best valuation for an enterprise is replicated in the market worth of the stocks and liabilities for the long period it has allotted. The manager cannot regulate the engagements of the market but they can have a sway on the score which is assumed by the market of stocks.

The criterion used to seek regulation on the perspective to finance a sum of capital in a scheme is whether the market price of the share decreases or increases. The concrete result is that the manager should prognosis the cash flow that is expected from a project being reviewed and pragmatically value them by discounting at a cost of capital that is appropriate. If the remaining outcome is optimistic and adopted the price of the share increases. If it gives a negative cash flow the share price decreases. Capital structure The whole issue on the capital structure relies on the cost of equity and debt.

The formulae for determining the cost of capital is articulated as; The implications for the principle are that the maker of decisions should use it to assess the projects worth that meets the company risk and only assent project that produce a yield that is higher. There is no argument that if the debt level increases the holders of equity will demand higher returns. An issue arises on whether the increase exceeds the outcome of appropriating more capital at lesser interest charges from holders of debt.

The argument is inherent in the net outcome of solvency on the average cost of capital.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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