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ABSTRACT It’s always a routine of most learning institution to expose their children to various fields with regards to what they study in their schools. Taking this into consideration, it therefore calls for budgetary allocations to cover for these expenses depending on destination of choice. There is a real opportunity within the Nation Curriculum framework for ecology education to be integrated in all pupils’ basic knowledge. A sound and well framed practical skill on this subject is of key importance. Following the nature of the environment the Emirati people live in, they never have a chance to appreciate all nature can offer especially in terms of wildlife world.

Therefore, children grow based on theoretical aspects only. It was therefore seen better to have a group of ten (10) children taken for an academic trip to Masai Mara in Kenya. The need to expose children to all aspects of nature is crucial in not only their academic life but also as a way of appreciation. “Masai Mara has been the centre of interest by most international visitors due to its diverse nature in terms of wildlife” (Anderson 76).

Taking this into consideration we believe that this trip will give the children an insight on their ecology studies. Unlike most destinations, Masai Mara will be less expensive with regards to total expenditure in terms of transportation, food and accommodation comparatively. INTRODUCTIONThe ecosystem is a crucial area of study in day to day life. The understanding of our environment is a responsibility of every person. Due to this dire need “the educational sector has given a hand to equip children with the required knowledge on this area.

This includes both theoretical and practical aspects of the study” (Hale 20). The theoretical knowledge in most cases is easily accessed from written materials like book, magazines, journals and articles. On contrary practical knowledge involves real live happenings which in most cases, depending on the area of residence may or may not be possible to be undertaken. It is for this reason, in places where accessibility to practical tools is not possible calls for academic trips that will bridge this gap. Therefore children are forced to go to places where they can be able to undertake their practical lessons effectively.

This is very true with the Emirati children who, depending on the environment they come from, cannot access all this practical aspects within their ecosystem. It’s with this respect that children from this region find it necessary to schedule an academic trip to a destination where they can be able to carry out a practical study on this area. Masai Mara was a preferred choice for this study due to “its diverse nature, ” (Miller et al 126). STATEMENT OF PROBLEM While it is recommended that the practical techniques of ecology are passed to develop analysis, the knowhow and understanding of ecological process and for getting the needed skills, there are quite a number of logical problems that hinder this exercise: Absence of readily accessible habitants in the country. Insufficient resources including equipments, finances and materials.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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