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The paper "Financial Dimensions Or Operational Dimensions" is a great example of a Management Article. The article is about a new software solution ‘ Pacifica™ ’ , produced by Quest Integrity Group to perform pressure cycle fatigue analysis. This software is supposed to help operators manage cyclic fatigue caused by pipeline failures. Pacifica software is capable of performing pressure cycle fatigue analysis in every pipeline crack flaws. It also has a database to store pressure data that may be used for future analysis. The fatigue growth analysis is done using actual pressure data at the same time hydraulic modeling records true pressure locations at every crack in the pipeline.

The software is capable of lowering the operator’ s risk, provides detailed analysis, fewer excavations, and evaluates operational changes. Pacifica is capable of conducting efficient pipeline integrity analysis, detect remaining life assessment, and pressure cycling at flaw locations (Bettley, Mayle, & Tantoush, 2005). The article relates to operation management theory. The theory analyses business processes and develops a mechanism to ensure that business processes are efficient; bring in greater returns at least cost inputs and quality products are delivered to users.

The new software is capable of revealing all operator's risks, this will act as early warning signs so that wastages can be reduced or minimized which can affect the organization's profit motives. According to Bartol et al (1998:p. 53), the operation management field ensures inputs are efficiently converted to outputs as well as customer requirements are fully met through efficient and effective means. It ensures that efficient and effective policies are adhered to in delivery of the services, and checking at every operation with regard to its cost and impact on sales or revenue generation The article gives a picture of how a company using innovative technology is capable of improving its operations by the use of technology, the discovery of Pacifica software for cracks analysis and detection in pipelines.

This reduces operators' risk by giving early warning signs for the prevention of risks associated with petroleum movement, that of pilferage and high losses normally associated with wastages (Bicheno, & Elliott, 2002).   Some of the main activities by firms practicing operation management principles are product creation, product development, and quality control measures.

The software developed by Quest Integrity Group, the Pacifica has all those capabilities. The overall impact is the operational efficiency and effectiveness of processes. Knowledge of how each process works is an essential component of an operation management work. The main work of operation management is to conduct analysis and be able to evaluate and measure internal processes accurately. This software will conduct fatigue analysis, be able to alert on the operator's risk aspects in a timely manner. Cracks on pipelines may perhaps cause leakage and a big loss to the company.

The software has also database which records the analysis and it can be used for future analysis and testing purposes. For a company to make more profits, it is provident that every manager will make clear profit planning. Such a plan will involve all revenues forecast as well as the main expenditures heads of the enterprise (Robert, 2002). One of operation checks the managers at a case study in the article have resolved with the new software is to improve on ways of working at the company.

Corrections of work-related problems are an integral part of achieving total quality management issues in firms such as an alert system that may boast delivery and assist in boasting re-scheduling wherever necessary. Aspects of quality management in an organization are operation work, which will ensure that poor quality products do not reach the customer in any way through the system. Strict standards have to be established of quality control and material management which managers have to be costly review and monitor for quality targets to be achieved within the company's means.

The improvements that the software can bring forth in the organization are among the key aspects of the strategic objectives of the firm. Consumers’ preferences have and will remain to be products of consistent quality offered in the market at least price possible. The underlying rationale of the consumers’ argument is optimizing their satisfaction at minimal cost factors. In order for that objectives to be achieved, the corporation has been in constant watch on their operations and check on ways of bringing or creating operation efficiency by either automating their processes or initiating system based early alerts of dangers that may inhibit the profit goals of the firm.

Some of the checks in organization operation would include developing an operation blueprint containing lists of all operations and their characters to be performed in an organization (Gomez-Mejia, & Balkin, 2002).


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