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The paper under the title "The importance of Workplace " Is a perfect example of a Management Assignment. Workplace review is a strategic management practice that is part and parcel of organizational success. It provides useful information concerning certain aspects of business operations to the management. Since continuous improvement is an objective for all firms, it is critical that managerial issues are tackled through the review and evaluation process. In the context of financial planning, workplace review is used as a tool for managing resources of the organization. It should be noted that these resources are not just the financial or physical ones, but also the human resources.

One of the importance of workplace review and evaluation is that it enables the business to improve the services it offers to customers. The performances of the customer service system are gauged against the set measures and targets then feedbacks are used to ascertain whether improvement has been made. In addition, the review and evaluation allow the management to accountably ensure that resources are allocated to the most profitable projects. Another important benefit is that it facilitates the development process of the financial plan since adjustments are usually made to the plan in order to meet the current and future needs of a company. Health and safety programs improve the financial performance of a business.

The benefits of ensuring that employees work in a safe environment cannot be underestimated. In order to understand the benefits that how health and safety relating to the financial performances, it is important to discern what constitutes the health and safety aspects. In various studies, it has been found that employees are usually exposed to certain risks.

To start with, they are exposed to the risk of high temperatures. Empirical investigations indicate that employees’ performance declines with increase in temperature within the organization. Therefore, very high temperatures that result from squeezed spaces and a high population within the workplace cases stress, thus reducing the ability of an employee to maximize his/her productivity. It can be said, therefore, that incorporating temperature regulating equipment in the workplace would produce a conducive working environment and employees will be able to increase their output.

Consequently, the overall revenue grows. Furthermore, ventilations also deteriorate the workers’ health. In the workplace where there are no sufficient ventilations employees may end up suffocating, thereby affecting the volume of output as a result of a reduction in the size of the workforce. It is worthy to note that insufficient ventilation reduced memory concentration also, thereby affecting productivity. In addition, the welfare of the employees affects their performance by influencing the extent of exposure to welfare risks. The sanitary and washing facilities must meet the regulatory standards so as to minimize these risks.

Otherwise, exposure to these risks may affect the performance of the workers, and so is their productivity. Generally, there are many factors that relate to health and safety that influence financial performance. The financial performance is affected by influencing the productivity of employees and the public relations of the company.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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