Essays on Eddie And Gail's Retirement Case Study

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The paper "Eddie And Gail's Retirement" is a decent example of a Finance & Accounting case study.   This report tries to address the concerns of the client together with the compliance elements. It further looks at the clients’ goals and the scope of advice. It outlines the cash flow statement and the asset and liability table together with their discussions. Further, a calculation of lump sum and superannuation balances at retirement is then looked at. The report concludes by taking a look over the work and the questions to ascertain if all of them are answered. Covering letter addressing client’ s concerns 4 August 2014 Mr.

Eddie and Mrs. Gail Summerset 1 World Street BLUE MOUNTAINS, NSW 3212 Australia   Dear Eddie and Gail,                                                                                                                               Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to help you with advice regarding your financial affairs. We are very glad to present to you this Statement of Advice, which clearly outlines our specific recommendations regarding your consideration. These recommendations are based on the information provided by you in particular and those obtained from the fact find that was prepared at the initial meeting we had. Further, we outline how the goals and objectives you aspire for can be achieved. The body of this report contains details relating to your financial and personal circumstances, and it forms the basis of our recommendations.   Should you have anything to further add or find that any of the background information that is contained in this report is incorrect, do not hesitate to advise us before you proceed any further. In our bid to comply with regulations and privacy laws, we would like to inform you that the information we gathered from you will basically be retained in the confines of our office in a secure location. The recommendations that are made in this financial plan are actually based on your personal information, current financial position, and objectives, which may be subject to change.

The recommendations should therefore be implemented in a timely manner. However, should the circumstances change or should thirty days elapsed since the date of the Statement of Advice, do not act on any given recommendations, but you should first discuss these with us in order to make the necessary reviews.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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