Essays on Financial Statement Analysis - Oracle Systems Corporation Case Study

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The paper "Financial Statement Analysis - Oracle Systems Corporation " is a good example of a finance and accounting assignment. Founded in 1979, Oracle Systems Corporation operates in the Application Software industry. Its main objective is to industrialize an inventive Database as well as Middleware Software comprising of software like Database Management, Content Management, Application Server, Data Integration, and Development Tools among others. Its products are categorized into various lines of business; applications, tools, databases, middleware, Server and Storage Systems which are portable across personal computers and all main computing platforms Oracle, 2012).

They also offer services like consulting, financing, premier support, cloud services, training and customer support (Bruner and Micaelian, 2008: Finance. yahoo. com, 2012). Under the leadership of Ellison, the co-founder, the firm’ s sales from the year 1980 to 1989 were not less than double the amount of previous sales. In the year 1990, the firm made $971 million in sales, during this period it was the fastest developing software firm internationally and dominant in its area of speciality (Bruner and Micaelian, 2008). Currently, the firm sales have been increasing year after year from $23,252 million in 2009 to $35,622 million in 2011 (Finance. yahoo. com, 2012). From 1985 to 1990 the firm was aggressive and used four main business strategies.

(1) Aggressive sale of its products; the firm distributed products through the sales force, which allowed it to have close administrations and control over the sales force. Salesforce representatives were allocated ambitious goals every three months. (2) Maintaining product and technology leadership; technology leadership brought benefits to the firm as they started to use SQL2 Language, which was later adopted by IBM.

(3) Diversification; the firm expanded to other fields like system integration, and consulting services and as its products expanded these services also expanded. (4) Expanding globally through subsidiaries and exclusive distributions to more nations (Bruner and Micaelian, 2008).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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