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The paper "Operating Economics" is a great example of a report on macro and microeconomics. With finances being crunched at all government levels in the present economic climate, there is forced stretching of resources for many things ranging from crime and drugs, health and welfare, the environment, and infrastructure all competing with fire protection for limited financial resources. Worse still, even private organizations once funded privately now seek funding from the tax base. In fire departments, there is increasing demand for services at a steady rate especially as far as emergency medical services are concerned.

As the population continues increasing, the trend is expected to continue into the next century despite the fact that taxpayers are not willing to pay more and hence a strategy must be established to ensure continued existence and efficiency of the fire departments. As such, many fire departments are finding it worth engaging in a number of joint ventures to enable them to provide the level of services expected by the community while conserving scarce resources. The approaches range from informal sharing of personnel or equipment to formal amalgamation of different fire departments in an attempt to save on costs and increase efficiency.

East Shire fire department has not been left behind in similar efforts and is considering an amalgamation with fire departments from the neighboring towns. This report explores the potential benefits that the fire department will obtain from the amalgamation. The report will also explore the potential risks that might accrue from the fire department’ s amalgamation with other fire departments. As such, the report will inform the fire department’ s decision on whether to merge or not. Benefits The fire department management boards of the three fire departments have suggested amalgamation of the fire departments as an avenue for providing better strategies for the provision of the services that the community needs and deserves.

As such, an amalgamation is a viable option that should be found a beneficial strategy for improving the use of scarce resources, staff flexibility, saving on costs, strengthening internal programs as well as providing increased opportunities for expanding services and specialization. Furthermore, amalgamation goes beyond political boundaries ensuring that the closest department responds to emergencies closer to it in addition to creating more rational protection service areas and improvement on response time.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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