Essays on Commanding Heights: The Battle of the World Economy Movie Review

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The paper "Commanding Heights: The Battle of the World Economy" is an excellent example of a movie review on social science. In episode three (The New Rules of the Game) of the documentary ‘ Commanding Heights’ , globalization emerges as the central force re-writing the new rules of the global economy. Scholars differ on the definition of the term; however, from general perspective globalization refers to international integration or interdependence between nations around the globe via mutual trade, knowledge and cultural exchange. Globalization continues to transform the globe both on positive and negative fronts; hence, the differences in opinion between those for and against its role in transforming the global economy. Proponents are of the opinion that globalization paved way for neoliberalism, which lobbies for privatization, deregulation aimed at encouraging free trade between nations across the globe.

Exponential growth in the global economy remains a positive highlight of globalization. Moreover, other sectors benefit from this phenomenon such as the labor rights movement; whereby, benefits aimed at improving the lives of workers have been made. North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was the prototype opening up global trade between the U. S.A, Canada, and Mexico. Conversely, those against argue that the increase in global terrorism is a product of globalization.

The September 11 attack on U. S.A tore at people’ s confidence in globalization casting doubt on its role in influencing the global scene positively. Moreover, it is unclear whether the neoliberal ideology, a by-product of globalization further impedes the freedom of other nations by propagating cultural and economic imperialism. Developed nations, which have stronger economies, dominate the global market bulldozing their less privileged counterparts.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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