Essays on Quality Management System and ISO9000 in the ABCD Company Case Study

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The paper 'Quality Management System and ISO9000 in the ABCD Company" is a good example of a management case study. The purpose of the research is to determine the barriers that affect the implementation of a quality management system and ISO9000 in the ABCD Company. The purpose of this report is to explain the logistics of the survey, the field experience, its impact on the results, the findings, the recommendations, and the conclusions drawn from such findings. It can be described as a combination of descriptive and review research design. The proposal consists of the company overview, a SWOT analysis, and the recommendation to research for three relevant CLOs in the organization.

It also outlines the research objectives as the Determination of the mutual types of barriers affecting the implementation of ISO 9000 standards in ABCD Company and any organizations around the world. The research design and timeline are also outlined with details of the activities scheduled for different times. The other is the identification of the ABCD Company quality management system requirements and Concepts that are provided in its IS09000 standards.

The collection of the primary data makes use of instruments such as questionnaires, interviews, participation in the managerial meetings, and face-to-face interactions with the employees and the managers. The random sampling method is applied for the selection of the respondents among the employees. The data analysis is done by the compilation of the responses into a rating scale represented in graphical form with the response percentages in the last page of the research document. According to the combined research, the most projected result is the negative impact of the lack of involvement of the entire organization in the implementation processes of the IS09000 through contributions, training, and communication between the managers and the employees.

The oil industry is one of the main contributors of the global economy and globalization. Oil companies in the UAE such as the ABCD Company make a significant contribution to the survival and development of the economy of the UAE. The research project focuses on the performance of the ABCD Company that is ISO9000 certified in relation to competition with other similar companies within the UAE and beyond and the internal factors that determine its success.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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