Essays on Situation Analysis - Jelly Belly, Otis Sofware Case Study

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The paper 'Situation Analysis - Jelly Belly, Otis Sofware" is a good example of a marketing case study. Jelly Belly is considering the re-investment options into Otis and had several proposals. This report is an insight into the strategic analysis carried out to arrive at decisions regarding various investment and strategy options available to Jelly Belly. The investment options to be considered are whether to continue investment (either by Jelly Belly itself or involving other investors) or to sell it off at a huge loss. The sale would be only at a price of 16% of the total investment made in it ($ 800,000 being its pegged selling price and the investments made were $2.4 mn initially and 2.56 mn in the two years of its operation totaling the investment to $ 4.96 mn).

This analysis shows that it is absolutely not feasible or viable to sell off this unit at such huge a loss. Therefore, continuing with the investment and searching for avenues to boost up sales at Otis is a better option for Jelly Belly. Having decided upon continuing to invest, there is a need seen for Otis to expand as it has stagnant sales at this stage.

The expansion could be seen as a strategy either into a new business market or its existing market by expanding salesforce. Marketing now seems imperative in all walks of life with all the big organizations engaging in marketing activities on a large scale. Marketing strategies to a large extent determine the success of a product. Marketing affects our everyday life from clothes to food to entertainment; everything is related to marketing, advertising and publicity.

Regis McKenna shows his viewpoint in (1991) in an article “ marketing is everything” he says that marketing is not only a responsibility of a single person it’ s teamwork that delivers the best product to customers, so everyone from a worker to director is involved in it. The case discussed here is pretty much related to the marketing and sales requirement of an investment venture ‘ Otis software. It belongs to Jelly Belly, a capital company with different business ventures and has seen a total investment of $2.4 million till now.  



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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