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Cause of explosion incident10Mechanism of spread of the fire10Failure of measures to prevent the incident10Lessons learned from the battery power supply explosion11Outcomes of the battery power supply explosion11References11Magnesium dust explosion incident12Overview of the incident12Cause of the magnesium dust explosion12Mechanism of spread12Failure of measures to prevent the incident12Recommendations of fire investigation13Lessons learned from the incident13References13Hydrogen tube trailer explosion incident14Overview14Cause of the incident14Mechanism of spread14Events leading into the disaster14Failure of management to prevent disaster15Recommendations15Lessons learned from the incident15References15Sago mine disaster incident16Overview16Cause of the incident16Failure of efforts to rescue trapped mine employees16Failure of management to prevent the incident17Recommendations by incident investigation team17Lesson learned from the incident17References18Organic dust explosion incident18Overview18Cause of the incident18Mechanism of spread of the dust explosion19Failure of measures to prevent the disaster19Recommendations of the fire investigation report19Lesson learned from the incident20Reference20The Kentucky organic fire explosion incident20Overview of incident20Cause of the fire incident21Mechanism of spread of the fire21Failure of management to prevent occurrence of the fire21Recommendations to prevent future disaster22Lessons learned from the incident22References23The Albert city BLEVE incident23Overview of the incident23Cause of the incident23Mechanism of spread of the fire23Events after the pipeline was hit24Failures of measures to prevent the incident24Lessons learned from the incident24References25The Jahn Foundry Corporation phenolic resin dust explosion incident25Overview of the phenolic resin dust explosion25Cause of the incident25Mechanism of spread of phenolic resin dust explosion25Failure of measures to prevent the incident26Recommendations to prevent future disasters26Lessons learned from the incident27References27The Methuen fire incidentOverviewThe fire incident occurred on 11th December 1995 at 2004 hours and resulted into injuries of 37 persons and destruction of 1,000,000 square feet of manufacturing space, six fire fighter sustained minor injuries, 1700 residents were evacuated from their homes, 27 civilians were injured of whom 12 sustained serious burns (United States Fire Administration staff and Varley Campbell Associates Inc. ).

Cause of the fire incidentThe fire incident was caused by an explosion that ignited firer in the processing area of the first floor of Monomac buildingMechanism of spread of fireThe fire was fanned by wind that was moving at forty miles per hour and presence of easily combustible materials like wood that had been used in the construction. The inter-building distance was very small that paved way for inter-building spread of fire. Failure of measures to prevent the incidentSemi-trailers had been parked to act as additional storage facilities that caught fire and also restricted access to building by the fire rescue service.

The fire sprinkler system for Monomac, process and Acadia mill buildings were all interconnected meaning collapse of a sprinkler system in one meant all the others were not functional. There were also no fire and rescue service connection to the buildings. The buildings were not fire compartments which could have restricted spread of fire.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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