Essays on FIRE INVESTIGATION Assignment

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Introduction: 3Information Gathering Approaches: 4Tentative location: 4Asking bystanders: 4Collapse Building During and Post Fire Fighting Operation: 4 Symptoms: 4 Causes: 4Fire Fighter’s Role: 4Fighting Fires: 5Rescuing People: 5Preventing: 5Protecting: 5Responding: 5Fire Fighter’s Hazards and Preventions: 6 Hazards: 6 Preventive Measures: 6Arson Indicators: 7Arson Management Actions: 7Management Action: 7The Arson Risk Assessment: 8Security Measures: 8Passive fire protection: 8Active fire protection: 9 Advise: 9Conclusion: 9Bibliography: 10Introduction: Fire fighters fight against the hazardous factor of exposure of fires that may lead to the collapse of buildings and other threats. Fire fighters need to be well aware of the strategies in order to work against it. There are different strategies that are to be considered in order to reduce the occurrence of such happenings.

The fire fighters and the management team works for the best strategies to be adapted and that fit into the frame work of fire fighting and result in he prevention of and hazardous event. Information Gathering Approaches: Information gathering is the significant part for analysis. The data collected should be reliable and valid. So during the process of data collection it should be kept in mind that the data collection approaches is reliable and provides the valid data. (Hall 1998, pp 98)Tentative location: Proper examination of the scene is done to get the proper information and guessing what could be happened there.

This should not only be the guess work but with the proper scenarios the appropriate results are to be extracted. Capturing of the scenes with video cameras and photo cameras is to be done. (Nolan 1998, pp 45)Asking bystanders: The people who watch the scene can better explain that what has actually happened. Questioning wit eyewitnesses can reveal many aspects and the potential danger and the degree of the danger. Collapse Building During and Post Fire Fighting Operation: Symptoms: Falling of part or stones of buildings: There are different symptoms of collapse buildings.

But one of them both during and post fire fighting operation is falling parts or stones from that building. Causes: Overloading: The overloaded buildings have more potential to collapse if any such hazard happens. Expansion: The heat may cause the expansion in the building, and it does not have any vicinity to which it can expand so it may lead to the collapsing of the building. Fire Fighter’s Role: Fire fighting is the multi role task, though as it names refers, its basically about fighting the fire and rescuing people.

But this is just a small part of the whole duty; which can be explained further: Fighting Fires: As the name reveals, the fight fighter’s job is to fight against the fire: the fire can be anywhere; open air, as it can start with the carelessness of people at barbeque or in different kinds of buildings. It includes all kinds of buildings, garages, houses, gardens shopping centers, factories etc. (Clark 1991, pp 678)Rescuing People: No doubt, the role of firefighters is not so small.

They must also deal with the accidents, such as of lorries, aero planes, trains and cars, which may contain fire. Sometimes there is a collision among the vehicles or the single car, moreover, the luggage that lorries are carrying, like chemicals and minerals, is often dangerous. (Hall 1998, pp 98)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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