Essays on Fire Investigations and Urgent Need for the Community to Engage in Education of Fire Prevention Case Study

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The paper “ Fire Investigations and Urgent Need for the Community to Engage in Education of Fire Prevention” is a thrilling example of the case study on environmental studies. Fire can spread from item to item by radiation from flames or by radiation from the developing hot smoke layer. To create and sustain a fire three factors must be present. The three factors are known as the fire triangle. The fire triangle consists of oxygen, a fuel source, and heat. In most cases the fuel must be above 16%, the fuel may be any flammable substance, the heat source needs only to match the ignition temperature of the fuel.

For rapidly spread fire, there may be the use of accelerants which add to the fuel load such as kerosene, gasoline, or alcohol. It should be noted that the existence of such accelerants and other flammable fuels at the origin or location of fire such as wood and grass, spreads the fire even more. The heat from a fire can affect a structure in the case of a floor which starts to sag when it starts to expand hence pulling in the building's frame and hence the columns of the house.

A fire can be accidental such as faulty gas or unintentional tipping of a candle or an arson fire such as intentional tipping of a candle with the intent to cause and spread the fire. Out of a fire there results in the investigation to determine the cause and origin of the fire, hence the fire investigation. It is necessary to investigate the origin and cause of that fire since it represents a great threat not only to the well being of individuals but also, to the welfare and security of there community as a whole.

With the data, it will be better to determine what the problem areas are and how to deal with them. This data helps to effectively allocate the money in budgets for education and measures in catering to fire. This brings to solutions and engineering designs to prevent previous fires. These include reducing wood construction, combustible roofing materials, and crowded building conditions. Fire investigators also come in as those who undertake the cause and origin of the fire.

During the investigation, three factors will be taken into consideration, the source of ignition or heat which may be an electrical or smoking material,



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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