Essays on Fire Investigation and Fire Protection Service Coursework

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The paper "Fire Investigation and Fire Protection Service" is a great example of management coursework.   In this research/assessment paper the feasibility of establishing a comprehensive fire investigation procedure is looked with the objective to act as a benchmark in determining the origin and the cause of all fires. Such fire investigation procedure is useful in enabling the fire investigation team in the various institution as well as any other fire suppression personnel involved in fire investigation to successfully fire under investigation. In the first section, the assessment report explains the first stage in writing a fire investigation report which should be a comprehensive description of premises involved.

Secondly, it has also focused on incidences that happen before and after the arrival of fire service or fire suppression personnel. In the third section, steps which should be taken the origin and course of fire which subsequent spread are focused. Lastly, the discovery of fire, as well as the details of fire service that has been maintained the premises in question, are explained. This is coupled with the response the fire service offers during fire incidence on one of its clientele premises.

The purpose of this assessment report is to identify the need for instituting and implementing a fire investigation procedure. In this regard, a literature review based assessment is done to establish various fire investigation procedure their extent and scope. Description of Premises In writing a fire investigation report it is critical to first describe the premises involved sufficiently. This should go hand in hand with the details of the incidence. In this respect, the physical address of the entity involved, date of call to the fire service (or fire suppression personnel), a time when the call was made and various organizations involved in the fire investigation should be documented (Avan Fire and Rescue Service 2008).

In describing the premises it is necessary to outline the purpose of the premises, .residential or commercial and the type of activities that goes on daily (White 2008). Besides the physical layout of the building in terms sections for instance front section, tower section and courtyard are necessary to put into consideration. ref1 Any other premises adjacent to the building in question need to be described (White 2008).

On the other hand, the architectural design of the premises with relation to how the construction was done, for instance, use of cast-iron columns, roofing type, UPVC clouding etc need to be documented ((Avan Fire and Rescue Service 2008). It is important to divide the premises into sections with labeling such as North, South, East, West and South corners or towers. This facilitates sufficient analysis of each section’ s activities equipment, fireproof controls and electric installation etc (Ibid 2008). Fire Protection Service It is necessary to describe the fire protection mechanism applied within the premises.

This entails the type of fire alarm system and generally accepted standards such as British standards 5839 part 1 used to install it (Ibid, 2008, p 11). In this regard, it is necessary to explain where the indicators of the fire alarm system are situated prior to the incidence. Besides establishing the robustness of the fire alarm system with respect to either smoke or heat detection and manual call points is vital. On the other hand, the investigation requires establishing whether or not the fire alarm was audible.

This would mean it had the capacity to continue operating once it was triggered up to when it is reset. The occurrence of electrical interruptions needs to be taken care of by a battery power supply power back up located within the indicator panel. The time within which the backup power supply can sustain an audible alarm is also important to establish. Subsequently, the linkage between the fire alarm system within the premises and the monitoring system located in the fire service company is paramount as it assists in the real-time response.

The fire alarm system thus needs to automatically send a distress call or signal. ((Ibid, 2008).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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