Essays on Fire Engineering Solutions and Risk Assessment to Satisfy the Authorities Coursework

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The paper "Fire Engineering Solutions and Risk Assessment to Satisfy the Authorities" is a good example of engineering and construction coursework. As Fire Safety Officer, I have visited Lowery in Salford and had interviewed architects, building control officer and site manager regarding the issue of Fire Protection for the building. The crux of the interview regarding the safety designs solutions for the building with the architect and the building control officer as under: Fire Safety Officer: Please elaborate on the nature and location of the building along with its significance. Architect: Lowery in Salford is located at the waterside in the redeveloped Salford in Manchester as an architectural flagship with dynamic identity.

The building has been regenerated and designed to reflect the surrounding landscapes and flourishing waterways at their glass and metallic surface. The building was opened on April 28, 2000, with a variety of performing and visual arts in the building(1). Fire Safety Officer: What are the major aims of the building and the type of visitors to the building? Architect: The major of the building is to give access to everyone in the fields of entertainment, education in the arts and new areas of creativity to expand the scope of the building.

There are two main theatres and studio space in the building for performing arts with a seating capacity of 2376 for the presentation of drama, ballet, opera, musicals, dance, popular music and similar other types for education and entertainment. The building displays the work of LS Lowry beside contemporary exhibitions as to address the needs of the customers through entertainment in the building as in the shape of the provision of services and other facilities as are linked with the building structures(2). Fire Safety Officer: What type of design guides were used in the building. Architect: The building was constructed as in accordance with the local building design guides for ensuring the environmental and health-related aspects of the design guide along with the fire protection measures.

The basic needs of the customers were the guiding principles for the provision of services through the building(3). The design of the building has been selected and applied for the utilization of less energy, adequate facilities and safety in case of fire.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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