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Introduction Fire protection in the world has been in place since the times of the ancient Rome, at this time the emperor ordered that the city be built making use of the passive fire protection methods such as living spaces between buildings and make use non-combustible building materials. The fire protection became a displine in the 20th century which was identified outside civil and mechanical engineering, this was due to the threat forced by the industrial revolution. Industrial revolution was seen as a potential ground for the fire catastrophes, which might result to disasters if not checked, hence a measure to address this problem before it runs out of control was needed (Burke 2007).

The first bachelor’s degree on fire protection was offered in 1903 by what is now known as Illinois Institute of Technology. In the last century building codes have been changed to allow for protection of peoples and properties against fire in buildings are it private or public houses. During its inception the profession of fire protection was unique to its field of operation but it growth was boosted by the institute of fire protection in United Kingdom and the establishment of the society of fire protection engineers.

Retrieved from http: //www. thelowry. com/about-the-lowry/ on 3rd 5 2010 Lowry premises deals with advertising on to put up structures and buildings which are well protected from fire outcomes and it was started in the early 20th century. Its main aim was provision of advice to construction companies and agencies on how to build houses which are safe and protected from fire outbreaks. With the interaction with the architect and the building control officer in the Lowry at Salford several solutions to the fire safety solutions can be encompassed in the building designs were discussed. .

According to the architect houses been build in this modern era are designed in a such way that occupant7s can leave quickly in case of fire thus making the adoption of historic houses more difficult (Fiske et al, 1972). The building controller put across that there are two essential factors which should be considered in building a house, these are: the protection of persons living, working, visiting or undertaking the construction.

The second thing is the protection of the building fabric and their contents. This is more critical if the building is to open to the public who will be visiting as this calls for more protection measures to be addressed during there Construction According to National Fire Protection Association (1990), it is clear from the discussion that different people have different priorities as it pertain the life safety and protection of property and it depends upon their definition and specification of the requirements. For in instance fire authorities will be concerned with ensuring that maximum standards in the provision of means of escape during the times of fire tragedies and the inclusion of means for fighting fire are adhered to during construction of buildings.

The Site manager also said that the owner of the building and the occupant are in most cases left in a dilemma of what are the legal requirements, life standards to be in place for the security of the current occupancy and the future occupancy of the building(Fiske et al(1972). The other dilemma to these two groups is what are the provisions which should be put in place to protect the building and all its inclusive against fire ravages and the risks involved and in what extended are these risks whether they are discernable in the short run or in the long run.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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