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Fire Resisting Doors Fire Resisting doors have become an absolute necessity of offices, business premises, residences and corporate industries. The fire incidences are frequented very year and the need for fire resisting doors is increasing day by day. The occupational safety measures for the workers, assets, files, machines and goods require fire protection doors at an ever-enhanced rate. There are many industries in UK, America, Germany and Canada that are manufacturing fire protection doors for the consumers all over the world. This report is intended at bringing out various salient features and specifications of the fire protection doors.

The report includes the following, 1- List and description of the principle component of a fire resisting door set. 1-Door hardware is made up of timber, steel, gypsum and vermiculite boards. There are automatic or manual closing devices, locks, latches, hinges, thresh holds and door sweeps. 2- Seals including smoke seal for gasket ting the passage of smokes, and instrument strips, neoprene weather stripping. Seals are the nodes of fire door, which usually composed of intumescing materials for critical performance under fire conditions. The products from which these seals are made are different in their characteristics of charring, expansion, composition, volume and other chemical properties.

Fire Door showing Strips in Red, blue, green colors 3- Windows, made from other panel materials. There are many fire doors that are provided with internal windows and they also have standard fire resisting ratings. These windows are subject to the overall fire protection doors certification and specification at the time of manufacturing of the doors. These windows are supposed to remain intact under all fire conditions. These windows are made up of ceramic glass, wire mesh glass, borosilicate glass or liquid sodium silicates, which are filled between the crevices of windowpanes.

Other than the door leaf that is also called the swinging panel of the door, there is also another component called the doorframe that has to meet the fire grade rated regulations. All these components taken together make the assembly and place the structure together in one place and commonly known as a door set. 2- How to recognize the intended fire resistance standard of the door set.

The intended fire resistances of the door set are subject to the adherence of product certification requirements acceptable to the authorities of local jurisdiction, building codes and fire code. These are different from country to country. For instance in UK the British Standard Fire Resistance Test BS/EN 1634-1 2000 is applied (The Building regulations 2000). The concerned institute with all details of the construction and pressure readings records the required results. The tests are performed for thirty minutes. However, combustibility is the main feature of test. The fire resistance ratings are the standard fire resistance test that can also be simply quantified as a measure of the resistance time along with other criteria The following criteria describes the most commonly implied international time versus temperature curves in order to measure the resistibility of fire protection doors in different countries.

In Netherlands, Germany, France, North America and Canada, time/temperature curves are used for testing fire resistance ratings. For passive fire protection system and different tunnels. For example in Germany a door test regime has to have the duration of 90 minutes according to T90 designation (Fulbright Cristina, 2001).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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